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5 Reasons To Use A Junk Car Removal Service

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Mar 15, 2015
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A Junk Car Removal Service is an excellent way to get rid of an old or damaged car and make money at the same time. In fact, if you can’t make much money trading in your car or selling it to a third party, they can be your only way to go. However, they certainly shouldn’t be viewed as a last option because there are many benefits to selling your car to them.

Here are 5 reasons to use a junk car removal service to sell your car:

1. Give Instant Quotes

Most national junk car removal service companies have online sites that allow you to request a quote. Once submitted, a customer service representative will usually call you within a few hours with your quote. Alternatively, you can call the company for a quote and bypass the online form completely. Either way, you should receive a quote almost immediately.

2. Offer Top Dollar

No matter how worthless you think your car is, a junk car removal service will make you a cash offer. The reason they are willing to give money for old, beat up and non-running cars is because they turn a profit on it. They will basically take the car apart and sell everything in it that is usable such as tires, doors and engine parts. Since car dealerships and third parties do not do this, they can’t pay out as much money since there is no big return to be made.

3. Can Remove Your Car for Free

You can find many companies that offer free towing as long as you are located in their zone. Some companies even assert free towing no matter what zip code you live in. This can be especially valuable if your car can no longer run or is not safe to drive. Other junk car removal services may have a local yard that you can drive your car to, if you prefer.

4. Pick Up Car Within 24 Hours

Once you agree on the sale price, a junk car removal service will most likely be able to arrange for pick up within 24 hours. This means you don’t have to keep your car parked in front of your house, taking up space and being a liability, for much longer. When the car is picked up, the tow truck driver will hand you over your check for the amount you were quoted and the transaction will be done.

5. Make the Process Easy

There is no middleman to deal with during the sale of your car to a junk car removal service so the process is straightforward. The time dealing with the customer service representative is minimal and a fast pickup means quick cash.

By using a junk car removal service to sell your car, you can unload your old, damaged or broken down car within 1 day. The best part of all is you will get money for a car that you thought was only destined to be scrap metal.

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