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Converting video files: a necessity in many situations

Author: Fredrick Durrenmatt
by Fredrick Durrenmatt
Posted: Mar 16, 2015

Being connected to the internet forms an ever important part of life for about 2 billion people worldwide. The vast majority of users, will sometimes find themselves in situations where they want to upload or download files. Very often when this happens, an annoying notice informing you that you do not have enough space on your computer appears and this means the file you are trying to save is too large. Another unpleasant situation occurs when the file you are trying to upload on a site has an unsuitable format that is not accepted. For these reasons, the files’ size and format are crucial, especially when it comes to video files. Very often, these have particularly large sizes, which is why they often need to get compressed (using a video converter tool), to avoid taking up too much space on your device or to be made smaller and changed to another format before uploading them to a video sharing site. Whether you want to download a smaller file, or modify it to be suitable to a certain format or display properties, it is recommended to use an online video converter, because of the benefits this brings. Not only do you not have to install additional codecs and programs (which are also likely to occupy some space on your hard disk), but if the converter is easy to use, you can simply drag your video into the app, adjust some settings and it will automatically transform the file to the desired dimension and format.

You may believe that once your file has been modified, it will also suffer some reduction in quality, but you should know that a well-made online video converter will not harm your videos whatsoever. Their visible quality will remain the same, not only in terms of image, but also in terms of sound due to the clever algorithms working behind the scenes. It makes a lot of sense to convert video files in many circumstances, for instance because their size, aspect ratio and resolution are essential for the manner in which they are displayed and accessed by your devices, be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Whether you are trying to transform an FLV to MP4 to ensure it plays on your phone, or want to share a video on a social media channel, you will encounter problems in some of these cases; especially if you do not have access to the best internet connection. While trying to upload something to an online platform or attach a file to an email, there are some size restrictions to consider and most of the time you will not be able to finalize the process if your video is too large. For example, in case you want to send a video via email, the maximum size of an attachment is usually 25 MB for most email clients.

Using a video converter is the best way in which you can adjust the format and size of your files, to avoid upload, download or video playback problems. Another issue is compatibility as some newer devices such as Chromebooks can only play certain video formats. Choose a reliable converter which will allow you to modify your files using only a web browser without the need to install special software.

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