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Galvanized Pipes: The Use of Galvanized Pipes in Telecommunications Construction

Author: Neil Horford
by Neil Horford
Posted: Mar 19, 2015

Galvanized pipe is not just another type of pipe on the market, it's a durable type of pipe with a protective outer layer of zinc. Due to the presence of zinc, this material resists corrosion from water and other element types, making it the perfect type of piping or tubing for outdoor use. In fact, it is also able to resist corrosion from humidity when used indoors all round, this particular pipe is a sound investment. Where the strength of steel is needed in outdoor applications, these are used. As a result, this type of pipe is commonly used in the construction of telecommunications systems.

It is further used in the repairs and maintenance of such systems too. It goes without saying that only the finest quality galvanized pipe will do within this particular industry. Why is this? These particular systems are exposed to the elements for extended periods of time and so the pipes and hardware used must of the utmost durable quality. Using pipes which corrode when exposed to the elements will merely incur additional expense as they will have to be replaced every so often; this pipe is strong, durable and corrosion resistant and is the perfect option.

What Equipment in the Telecommunications Industry Makes Use of Galvanized Pipe?

Within the industry, galvanized pipe is used to create a variety of systems and equipment. Let's take tower dish mounts for example. The tower dish mount comprises of a mount and a welded pipe and is used to ensure satellite dishes are well secured by providing added stability.

You can also find galvanized pipe in antenna mast pipe kits. These kits need to be secured high into the sky to ensure the signal is correctly distributed and used to secure these units to the tower. The pipe must be durable enough to withstand heavy winds and storms.

Galvanized pipe is also used within stiff arm kits, which are mounting brackets used for round and angle legs.

The various applications for galvanized pipes in the telecommunications industry are many and those who work within the industry should accept only the best quality. Those shopping around for it should only support products from suppliers who are ANSI approved. This ensures durability and exceptional quality of the product, which is required when it comes to construction within the telecommunications industry.

Connect-IT Wireless Presents Top Quality Galvanized Pipes to the Industry (H2)

At Connect-IT Wireless, we present pipes to the telecommunications construction industry. Our equipment and hardware is specifically suited for use on a wide variety of telecommunications towers. Our consultants are always available to advise clients on our range of products and to ensure the right hardware is being used for the task at hand.

To learn more about our range of pipes and other hardware for use in the construction of the telecommunications industry, contact us at Connect-IT Wireless today.

To learn more about our galvanized pipes such as antenna mast pipes, stiff arms and dish mount pipes, contact us at Connect-It Wireless today -

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