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9 Foods That Boost Your Memory

Author: Nix Polkinghorne
by Nix Polkinghorne
Posted: Oct 08, 2013

Every person needs to acquire a good memory. No individual is born with a poor memory. Human beings have been gifted with powerful brain. The human being brain is a composite and extremely developed organ of your body. The brain contains million of cells that are used for analyzing, repossessing and storing of information. No computer has the ability to match the proficient and organized performance of a healthy brain.

Memory has the capability to store and remember information and this is the main activities of the brain. Our body and brain wants a strong and healthy diet to function appropriately. Nutrients like protein, vitamins, fats and sugars shield the brain against cell harm. However,

there are various foods that can really boost your memory. Given below are top 10 foods that boost your memory:

  1. Apples: Eating an apple a day can assist you to keep the doctor away. Apple is one of the best memory boosting food that has an antioxidant called quercetin.
  2. Coconut oil: Coconut oil is the great brain fuel, which are fully loaded with fatty acids. Consuming coconut oil will facilitate you to enhance the performance of the brain and can assist to boost memory.
  3. Eggs: Daily eating of eggs help out to boost your memory. Eggs are full with nutrient like choline that helps to generate acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter involved in memory. Choline insulates the fibers all through the brain to help in quick diffusion of electrical impulses.
  4. Walnuts: Walnuts is an effective natural food item that have an antioxidants known as allergic acids, which helps out to protect your brain from free drastic harm.
  5. Brahmi: Brahmi is generally famous for being a potent brain energizer. Brahmi has the ability enhance the circulation of blood to the brain that boosts both short and long-term memory. Brahmi also facilitates the body to manage more efficiently with tension.
  6. Green tea: According to the study, it is found that, drinking green is excellent for your memory. This food contains the chemical EGCG, which is a one type of antioxidants that helps to improve the performance if your memory. Drink around 3 cups of green tea every day to boost your memory.
  7. Rosemary: Rosemary is another food item that helps to boost memory and mental performance. It can also facilitate to boost memory by reducing nervousness and lowering cortical levels.
  8. Berries: Berries is an effective food that contain the ingredients like flavanoids and anthocyanidins that boost your memory. People who eat huge quantities of berries have a lower rate of age related memory loss. To boost memory, you are suggested to eat ½ cup of blueberries once in a week.
  9. Ginkgo: Ginkgo is generally famous for its capability to boost memory, because it enhances blood flow to the brain by expanding blood vessels and dropping the gumminess of the blood. Ginkgo also helps to raise energy creation in the brain by enhancing brain cells and developing the conduction of nerve signs.

Along with these natural foods, using of Brain O Brain capsule is another best way to boost your memory. This memory booster capsule also repairs your brain cells for proper impulse transfers among them for sharpen memory. To boost your memory, you are suggested to use Brain O Brain capsule regularly for 3 to 4 months.

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Author: Nix Polkinghorne

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