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Unique Candle Holders Made From Glass – Some Ideas To Make Them Even More Special

Author: Katie's Outlet
by Katie's Outlet
Posted: Mar 23, 2015
Glass candle holders and scented candles are always considered to be an amazing way to personalize your living space. In fact, these unique candle holders are considered to be the ultimate luxury and a must have in your bathroom as well as bedroom. Modern contemporary interior design ideas call for simple tumblers that support plainness and minimalism. But if that is not your style of decor, you can easily make some interesting additions to the candle holders in your home and spice up their look and feel. Here are some tips and ideas with which you can take your glass candle holders and turn them into works of art!


Filling the glass tumbler with colourful sand, especially around the base, will add an amazing layer of style to the candle holder. And if you can get your hands on colourful sand particles, you will end up with an exceptionally unique piece indeed. Try this idea out to add texture as well as quartz-y sparkles to your candle holders.

Spray Paint

Make use of a masking tape and use spray paint to create stunning designs on your glass candle holders. The tape will prevent the paint from reaching places that you don’t want it to go. Once the paint dies, you just need to remove the masking tape and you will have a one-of-a-kind tumbler to place your candles in. Sky is the limit to the type and style of designs you might want to create with this method. And if you manage to use transparent painting colours on the glass, they will create an impeccable pattern of light around the candle when you light it.

Dried Flowers

This technique works amazingly if you have a glass tumbler that is bigger in size. You just need to place your candle at the centre of the container and fill the sides with dried flowers to create an astonishing look. Just make sure that the petals only fill up half the container to let your candle show as well. This idea will help you to make a beautiful and unique candle holder.


If you will be using the candles in your bedroom, think about adding some romance to the decor by attaching some lace to the edge of the candle holders. These designs can also be used as wedding decorations to make low cost additions to your big day.

Sea shells

If you can manage to get your hands on some colourful sea shells, you can create some seriously unique candle holders to add to your living space. To go for this style, just place some sand on the base of the container, set the candle in the middle of the container, and fill in the sides with clams and sea shells till the middle and you are done. The beach will forever reside in your living room now.

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