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Key pointers in the process of importing your pet into Singapore

Author: Maddy Tan
by Maddy Tan
Posted: Mar 23, 2015
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There are so many countries that have captured the attention of the world, Singapore being at the top of the pack. Singapore is like the dream destination for any expatriate. This little portion of paradise has developed into Asia’s corporate capital (still on its way there) and thus many companies have set up shop in Singapore. Expatriates are moving there in droves. However, some have had to part with their beloved pets because they do not know how to move with their pets to Singapore. Actually it is pretty simple. The Sembawang animal quarantine station is the place to call and book a vacancy for your arriving pet. It is the official animal quarantine Singapore has for all imported pets.

Importing your pet into Singapore

To many people, the thought of their pets traveling alone is just outrageous. However, you might have to let your pet cat or dog go on its own before you arrive in Singapore. The first thing you will need to do is have a certain microchip inserted in your pet. This is another scary thought for many pet owners but you should not worry about it as it is a very simple procedure that will take only a few minutes at most. The microchip with its specific number will be recorded in an international database. It contains the information concerning your pet and of course your contacts. If the pet is missing then you will have an easier time tracking it down.

Once this microchip, which is the size of a rice grain, has been installed the next thing you should do is find a pet-friendly air carrier. It is easy to assume that because there are so many airlines then definitely it will be easy to find one. This can be the most tedious activity in the whole process. There some airlines that do not allow pets to travel in them. So what you should do is check out various airlines and find out if they are willing to transport your pet and how they do it.

Contacting the Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station is also very important. As a matter of fact it should be the first thing that you do. Get in touch with the station and book a space for your pet. Now this is supposed to be done two months or more in advance. The station has a 30 day mandatory quarantine for all pets- cats and dogs- that are imported into the country. Spaces are limited thus you should make sure that you apply for the space at least two months before the date the pet is expected to arrive in Singapore.

Accommodation in the quarantine station as aforementioned is very limited. When you apply, your pet will be placed on the waiting list. The moment there is a vacancy available then you will be notified about it. This is usually a month before the expected arrival date of the pet. The first thing you need to do to book the accommodation space at the quarantine station is to fill out the ‘acceptance of animals’ form. There are authorization letters that you should obtain so that you can relocate your pet to another country. You also need you to authorize for veterinary services in case of any incident during transportation or while in quarantine.

How much will you pay for air travel?

Different airlines usually charge various fees to ferry pets. But then again, on most airlines if the weight of the cage plus the pet is below 10 pounds (5 kilograms) then you can carry him/her on board as hand luggage. The fare depends on the airline that you choose.

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First you have to book a slot at the station. The Semarang animal quarantine singapore is the finest of them all. It has fantastic facilities for pets.

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