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Are You In Pursuit Of Happiness Look Within And Get It

Author: Mahendra Trivedi
by Mahendra Trivedi
Posted: Mar 26, 2015
  • Are you happy?

  • Are you satisfied?

  • Have you achieved your aim?

  • What do you want from your life?

These are some questions people ask their friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and even themselves. Answers to all these questions culminate at one point when they answer: They want happiness.

What is Happiness?

Have you ever wondered why even movers and shakers of the society are unhappy? Ideally they should be happy because they have got: money, power, respect and recognition, which are parameters of happiness. But, are they not in pursuit of happiness? Are they satisfied in true sense? So, happiness is not limited to money or success or respect. It is more than that.

Happiness is neither the prerogative of a few people nor all of a sudden one fine day it will fall into your lap. In fact, happiness is all around you. You just have to identify and embrace it. The fact is-we all want to be happy, hence it comes as no surprise when we find that people are in pursuit of happiness. Is pursuit of happiness a fact or an illusion? The answer is- it is a fact and can be achieved. The only thing is; you have to find it where it is present and not vice-versa. Knocking at the right door is the key.

Happiness in Common Parlance

Generally people think that success, money, and power can make them happy. But they fail to understand that these are external things, which can give them temporary satisfaction and which they confuse for happiness. Happiness and satisfaction are two different things. You can be satisfied with your life or conditions, but you can't claim that you are happy. Similarly, there is no connectivity between pleasure and happiness. Pleasure can never be a permanent bliss whereas happiness can be. In other words, pleasure can slip away from you but happiness stays, if you have attained it. The basic thing is that, we are confused because we really don't know -what is the true meaning of happiness. Hence, it comes as no surprise when we find that a lot of people think that happiness comes and goes with the passage of time. They treat it as a commodity. This is the reason why our search for pursuit of happiness fails to provide us the desired result.

Happiness is all about Understanding our Inner Self

Lots of people convince themselves that they are happy, satisfied with their lot, getting exactly what they deserved. But always a small voice tells them that they want more. This ‘want more’ is what scholars call pursuit of happiness. It is an established fact that happiness is a feeling which is to be realized, whereas pleasure is something which makes our physical world comfortable and attractive.

Get Success in Your Pursuit of Happiness with The Trivedi Effect

Happiness comes from within. Happiness is related to our state of mind. So, there must be a way which can lead us to our inner self and make us learn what do we mean by happiness; when would we call ourselves happy; and when would we feel that our pursuit of happiness has yielded result? Here,

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