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Honesty: An Important factor for a Successful Recovery

Author: Charles Wallace
by Charles Wallace
Posted: Mar 30, 2015

Honesty is one of the most vital characteristics of a person should have. If someone is known for being dishonest often times, it can ruin someone’s reputation. But, is it possible that honesty can actually help people to overcome their addiction?

Telling lies are common part of the everyday lives of a person with substance addiction problem. As an outcome of their denial stage, they often lie to their loved ones to cover up and preserve their substance addiction. In order to feel important, to avoid judgment and to avoid conflicts, they often lie about so many things, whether small or big things, up to the point that they are living a life full of dishonesty and very far from the current reality.

Most of us have probably heard that denial is normally a part of the life of addicted individuals as well as for those who are in the early stage of substance addiction recovery. Usually, counselors, family members and friends need to deal with it all the time. However, a more critical analysis brings out the way that the individual themselves truly accepts the dishonesty. No specific pleading can bring the addict to the awareness that they are ruining their lives. Hope Addiction Rehab Services stated that these individuals at least need to reach the end of SELF and ask for a way out before honesty turns into a workable option.

Most addicted people depend on confusion toward oneself and denial in order to fill their cravings in taking the addictive substance and this also prevents them from getting into addiction facilities services. The underlying consequences caused by the person’s substance addiction are usually plain and obvious to the people around them, but the addicted person keeps on hiding and denying the truth. Not unless the negative consequences are too devastating to ignore, the addict will probably develop a willingness to break his or her addiction as it ruins not only their life but the lives of the people around them as well. Hope Addiction Rehab Services considers that honesty is one of the important factors that lead people to substance addiction recovery and it is also the reason that keeps them there while making positive changes in addiction facilities services.

Residing in their denial stage is no longer a possible option once the addict started in their substance addiction recovery. With the presence of addictive substances, the addicted person has to face the hostile and uncomfortable consequences that it might bring, such as, losing a job, ruined relationships, financial sufferings, legal problems and other disturbing consequences of substance addiction. Yet, this is the reality in recovery, and the best way to start handling these issues is to manage them with their own terms. Being honest about the real situation will help every addicted person to take the right step while in addiction facilities services and will make it easier for them to deal with their life towards a successful addiction recovery. If the person keeps on lying, he/she is risking the possibility to have a sober living.

If you want to start a better life without the presence of substance addiction, you need to exert additional attention to honesty. You need to be honest with other people and most especially be truthful to yourself. The addiction professionals at Hope Addiction Rehab Services agree that if substance dependency patients fail to establish honesty, he/she is more at high risk of having a relapse. Hope Addiction Rehab Services provides counseling that helps you to be more honest to others and to yourself as well.

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