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Choosing the right soap

Author: Fredrick Durrenmatt
by Fredrick Durrenmatt
Posted: Apr 01, 2015

Have you ever wondered why the beautifully packaged and highly commercialized "soaps" you purchase do not have the label soap written anywhere? They are called moisturizing or beauty bars, not because they think fancier words will make them more appealing, because manufacturers cannot legally claim they make or sell soap, when in fact they are selling detergent, which is exactly what they are doing. Next time you walk down the aisle looking for your favorite brand of soap, check whether the label has been adjusted to body bar or beauty bar, in which case you should avoid purchasing it anymore. Manufacturers using synthetic lathering agents and potentially dangerous chemicals to create detergents known as beauty bars are not allowed to call them soap. This makes it easier for buyers that do not wish to put their health at risk, not to mention the negative impact the manufacturing process of this type of detergents has on the environment. Therefore, it is preferable to purchase handmade soap to ensure that your skin is protected against harsh chemicals. The natural soap making process is also environmentally friendly, so switching from harmful detergents to natural soap will allow you to make the world a better place, it will help protect our planet even if just a little.

Besides the fact that synthetic lathering agents are bad for the skin, commercial soap manufacturers are also removing the glycerin resulted from the soap making process from their body bars, because it can be sold at a high price to companies that make lotions. Glycerin is a great moisturizing substance, so taking it out from soap detergents is bad for your skin. If you have dry skin and use commercial soap, your skin will not receive the care it needs, on the contrary, the soap will make matters worse. This is why so many people have started to choose natural handmade soap over commercial soap. The effects of a natural soap are immediate. Your skin will be softer and healthier, not to mention that you will not need to worry about harsh chemicals at all. Organic or natural handmade soap is real soap good for the skin and better for the environment.

However, you should not purchase soap for you and your family simply because it has natural soap written on the shelf. You need to carefully read the label and check the ingredients. Making sure that soap, even the handmade ones, is made from organic oils, plants and fats can help you identify truly natural soap. Artificial fragrances should also be avoided. Even though it might seem wonderful to have a soap that smells powerfully of vanilla, the smell will pass in a couple of minutes, but the effect of the chemicals used to give that fragrance will probably stay in your skin and body for a long time. There are plenty of natural handmade soap manufacturers that use organic essential oils, so you should carefully research the market until you find a reliable brand that sell real soap, not chemicals.

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Author: Fredrick Durrenmatt

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