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Author: Vashi Mantra
by Vashi Mantra
Posted: Apr 04, 2015

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Many planets in reception, or in good aspect of each other, give the native many and good


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cases are but rare, becuase human nature in general is not subjected to the extremity either

of good or evil, but rather to their moderate alternation and counterchange.

Vashikaran Mantra For Control your Love For Lifetime. The prorogatory places must, therefore,

be separately distinguished in the mode before pointed out; and the planets meeting the

prorogations must again be all taken into consideration; not only those which may be

configurated bodily, or in opposition or quartile, but also those in trine or sextile.

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Solution. First, the times in each prorogation will be governed by the planet occupying or

configurated with the actual prorogatory degree itself: if, however, there be found no planet

thus constituted, the nearest preceding planet will govern the times until another, which may

be in aspect to the degree following in the order of the signs, shall take them.

The like rule obtains with respect to any other planets received into dominion, and with

respect to those in occuption of the terms. Some thing of the kind will, however, frequently happen in cases of perfect good fortune or

distress, when meetings of all the benefics or malefics may concur in all or most of the

prorogations.. Planets squaring or opposing each other from angles and cardinal signs, denote great

misfortunes to the native, and that at last he shall die a violent death.

Cardinal signs possessing the angles of a nativity, make the native, if of any capacity, most

eminent and famous in his generation, and to do such acts, that after ages shall admire him.

Directions to the bodies or aspects of planets in the descending part of heaven, although

they denote the greatest happiness, yet it proves not very durable.VashikaranIn a feminine genesis, the lord of the seventh being posited in the ascendant, makes her

govern over her husband; and if the lord of the ascendant be a superior planet, and the sign

thereof commanding, she will be a great virago, and hector over him.

Allowance is many times to be given in the measure of time in directions, when transits of

weighty planets, contrary to the nature of the directions, shall near that time occur; for

good and evil directions may be both anticipated or continued by the force of the transits.

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