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Brief advice on the process of importing pets into Singapore

Author: Maddy Tan
by Maddy Tan
Posted: Apr 04, 2015
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Singapore has grown from a simple port city into one of the world’s wealthiest countries. It has also become quite a popular business center; people in the corporate world are flocking in masses towards Singapore. This is because there is good money, good business, good living standards and a whole lot of other good things to look forward to in this city. Those who have pets always have a problem when moving to Singapore. What is the process of importing pets into Singapore? Well, you will be surprised just how simply importing dogs into Singapore is. Not only dogs by the way, just about any pet that you love and value so much- you can take him/her along.

Taking your pet with your to Singapore

One thing you need to know is that Singapore has a very strict policy concerning pets and their importation. This is for the good of your pet and those of other people. This is why there is the national quarantine station- The Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station. Here, you pet must stay for at least thirty days. You are allowed to visit him/her while you are in the city. But this will not be possible if you do not plan properly.

The first thing that needs to be done in order to import your pet dogs or cat into Singapore is have a microchip inserted in their body. The microchip is quite small- usually the size of a rice grain. This microchip will be injected under the skin and it is used for tracking and keeping information of the pet. In the event that your pet is lost, Singapore has a special department that is involved in tracking of lost pets.

Information concerning your pet and yourself will be recorded together with the microchip. Your address will be entered and contacts as well. When your pet is found wandering around, you will be contacted to go and collect him/her. The procedure of installation of this microchip is very simple and will be done in the shortest time possible. The next step after this is to talk with the airlines.

The flight to Singapore

There are so many airlines, so how hard is to find one that will take your pet to Singapore? It is extremely hard. Most airlines do not have a pet-friendly policy and they do not accommodate pets. Those that do can charge a fortune for these services. Be that as it may, you can be sure that you can find a carrier to get your pet to Singapore safely. However, even before you get all excited about the flight to Singapore for your pet, you should make sure that you contact the quarantine station.

One problem that the Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station suffers is the increased number of immigrants. People are moving to Singapore quite a lot and they are not leaving their pets behind. As such the quarantine station is packed quite a lot with lots of pets and the spaces are limited. You should contact the station to find out where there is space and then book. The earlier you do this the better because as abovementioned, there is a mandatory stay of 30 days at the quarantine station.

When a vacancy pops up at the station you will be notified a month before the expected arrival of your pet. They are incredibly strict about the arrival dates and if your pet is not at the station on the day expected the vacancy can be taken away. They usually have a two allowance before they give out the vacancy. Importing pets into Singapore will require you to follow up on the process to make sure that your pet makes it there in time.

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First you have to book a slot at the station. The Semarang animal quarantine singapore is the finest of them all. It has fantastic facilities for pets.

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