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Mobility scooters for disabled – An affordable alternative for WAVs

Author: Todd Dawson
by Todd Dawson
Posted: Apr 06, 2015

MSD’s are scooters with disability aids. This is convenient than a wheelchair because this doesn’t give a feel of wheelchair and hence do not give a sense of being disabled.

Mobility scooters or MSD

MSD is built as a travelling aid for the handicap people. Their workings are simple with a seat fitted over a number of wheels varying from two to five and a board placed for the feet. The seat of the vehicle is adjustable and can be moved sideways for entry and exit. The scooters work on batteries which are rechargeable in nature. The controlling of the scooter is on the steering column.

Steering Column

In a MSD, the basic handles of the scooter are removed and are modified into a steering column using the disability aids. All the functioning switches are fitted into the steering board and are placed in the front end of the scooter. The most important tool of the column is the tiller or stick like instrument which can be moved forward and backward in order to set the scooter in forward and backward motion. This joystick controls the speed too. The startup key is electrical key and light controls too are controlled by hand switches.

Front wheel drive versus Rear wheel drive

These scooters are more often chosen by the disabled people over wheelchairs and are very convenient to use. The scooters both indoors and outdoors and depending on their wheel drive for longer or shorter distances.

Front wheel drives are the ones where the power of the engine is in the front two types of the scooter. They are not very powerful in nature and are light weighted small sized scooters. They are mostly used for covering small areas and are used indoors, at homes or departmental stores. They do not have a good weight carrying capability; the maximum is up to 250puonds.

Rear wheel drives are the ones in which the rear tires provide power to the engine of the scooter. They are more powerful than front wheel and can be used both indoors and outdoors. These scooters are heavy weighted and are bigger in size. They can cover longer distances than front wheel and can be driven on roads or highways. Their weight carrier capacity too is greater with ratio being between 350 to 500 pounds.

Types of MSD on the basis of safety measures

Mobility scooters for disabled are used widely over the continents. There is always a debate on how safe are they to be driven on the roads. Based on the various safety measures taken, the scooters are divided into two types:

Class II and Class III. Class II vehicles are strictly driven on the footpaths and a have a maximum speed limit of 4 miles per hour. Anyone with disability can drive them as they do not need any legal papers or age bar. Class III scooters are sturdier in nature and can be driven on roads and highways. Their speed limit is 8 miles per hour and one has to be over 14 years to be able to drive them. They need to be registered and all legal papers completed.

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