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Choose from Healthy recipes for Quinoa Pasta

Author: Allrecipes Online
by Allrecipes Online
Posted: Apr 14, 2015

Past is Italian cuisine. Typically pasta is of different variety and available in different shapes too. Majorly, Pasta can be divided into two categories; fresh pastas and dried pastas. Eggs are the frequently dominate source of the liquid in fresh pastas. Traditionally, fresh pasta are made by hands with the help of simple machines but today both the fresh and dried pasta are manufactured in large-scale and available in market in number varieties and shape.

How can you make Pasta?

No wonder, Pasta is one of the most popular cuisines that is easy and fast to make came from Italy. At the busy days when you are hungry you are thanking the genius who made the pasta. It is a simple dish that can be served in light lunches as a large part of dinner or simple salad especially in Italy. All you need is boil water, put some sauce. Mouth-watering pasta is ready in minutes. But you can make it taste even better by some few guidelines.

Pasta sauce is one of the key of enhancing the taste of pasta. Pasta sauce is different kind based on their taste, color and texture. There is some general rule that needs to be well known before serving the pasta and its sauce together. For examples thicker chunkier pasta sauce are better for twisted and tabular pastas since it has better ability to clings on cuts and hole. Tomato sauces are good for thick pastas. Similarly the ratio of sauce to be used also be well observed because the ratio of sauce requirement also vary according to the texture and taste.

How can Pasta be the part of healthy diet?

Pasta is one of the favorite lunch popular in family since it is fast and quick recipe. But with all these advantages, many doubt whether pasta is healthy. We bet! Absolutely Pasta can be a part of healthy diet. Only we have to do is compensate and control by adding some vegetables and lean protein.

Instead of buying the pasta made from wheat varieties, you can buy pasta made from some refined grains. That is a good source of dietary fiber.

Can you provide one recipe of healthy diet?

Here the given recipes are low in sodium, calories and fat.

1. Pasta With smoky tomato and seafood sauce:

Ingredients needed to make this pasta are:

i. 4 crushed garlic cloves

  1. 4 table spoon olive oil, and finely sliced
  2. Deseeded red chili, one and half table spoon fennel seeds
  3. 400 gram spaghetti
  4. 2 table spoon sugar
  5. 2 tablespoon smoked paprika
  6. 2 chopped tomatoes of 400g, chopped basil or small bunch of parsley
  7. 2 table spoon smoked paprika.


Step 1: Olive oil should be heated in a deep frying fan and boil the kettle. Add chili, fennel seeds sizzle, garlic for a few minutes in pan. Cook the pasta according to the instruction given in pack after pouring in the boiling water.

Step 2: While the pasta cooks, paprika, tomatoes, sugar and seasoning should be added to the frying pan. Simmer it for 8-10 minutes.

Step 3: Add the pasta to the sauce including the seafood after the pasta is drained. Simmer it for few minutes, if it looks too thick splash the pasta water. Here the healthy pasta is ready, don’t forget to serve it with some black pepper and herbs.

How to make pasta pasta is one of the most popular cuisines that is easy and fast to make came from Italy get more info at

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