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3 Things You Can Do for a Loved One Affected by Natural Disaster

Author: Amitava Sarkar
by Amitava Sarkar
Posted: Apr 16, 2015

Natural disasters change lives in an instant. Even when you’re fortunate enough to have everyone you love make it through the worst all right, their properties and belongings are often wrecked – sometimes seemingly beyond repair. Getting your life back after a natural disaster is one of the most difficult challenges anyone can face. There’s so much to think about, and it’s difficult to put your daily life on hold while you juggle it all. If you’ve been lucky enough not to be affected by a natural disaster yourself, but someone you love has been, your assistance could prove vital to their recovery from this tragedy.

Reach out to your loved one and see what you can do to help. Most likely, your loved one is too shook up by the affair to give you a clear answer, but don’t let that stop you from stepping in and helping out. If you’re nearby, you can help in person – and if you’re far away and can’t get off work to come visit, you can help online and over the phone. Whatever you do should be to help your loved one get back into her home as quickly and as safely as possible, if the home is salvageable.

Call Foundation Repair

A foundation repair company should be among your loved one’s first calls, and if she’s too upset to think about it, you should do the calling for her. The best local companies work with insurance to ensure their work is affordable for the homeowner, but they should get to work as soon as possible to salvage the home. Get the homeowner’s permission and have her meet with the foundation repair company representative to assess damage from flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Look Into Mold and Mildew Assessment

Mold and mildew aren’t usually the first things on a person’s mind after a natural disaster, but a professional should examine a damaged property for any cracks or signs of mold and mildew, after a flood or hurricane especially. If the house otherwise passes inspection but there’s a crack where water settled in, the house could eventually pose a health risk for those living in it. Now might be the perfect time for wall encapsulation, which will prevent further mold and mildew from growing in your loved one’s basement. Ask the foundation repair company about mold and mildew assessment, and what can be done to undo the damage caused by the disaster.

Setting Up a Meal Rotation Schedule

If your loved one’s been displaced, she doesn’t have a comfortable place to make her own meals. But she won’t have the money to spend on dining out each night, either, and she’s unlikely to be in the mood to be out in public just yet when she’s lost so much. You and your other friends can work out a schedule in which you all invite your loved one over for meals or bring meals to her temporary residence on rotation for the next several weeks. If you’re not nearby, order carryout or catering for her.

Letting your loved one know you’re there for him is crucial to his ability to pull through this crisis. Offer your time, your money and even your home if possible while he’s waiting to get back to his own everyday life. Offer to make all the phone calls while he takes a break and tries to stop the stress of the situation from overwhelming him – and you’ll be doing everything you can.

About the Author: Latimer is a financial advisor from Atlanta who’s worked with families affected by natural disasters. She always points them to for help in getting their homes back in livable condition.

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