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Wide Range Of Circle Lens Availability In Circle Lenses Store

Author: Business Solution
by Business Solution
Posted: Apr 21, 2015

Circle contact lenses also known as a "Big eye contact lens" are decorative contact lenses used mostly for cosmetic purposes. Of late these lenses have become largely popular in countries throughout Asia.

Many of these contact lenses are mass produced by Japanese and Chinese manufacturers. Even though most sales of these lenses are targeted towards customers who merely want to enhance their appearances, some circle contact lens manufacturers have been known to produce prescription lenses for people suffering from eye problems like myopia and astigmatism.

Enhance your beauty by using circle lenses.

The entire premise of wearing circle contact lenses revolves around the idea of making one’s eyes appear bigger and with a subtle change in the color of the eye resulting in a change in appearances. The diameter of these lenses range anywhere from 14mm-16mm and are available as daily and biweekly disposables. These lenses have been a part of pop culture in countries like Japan and are largely popular among teenagers. The availability of several thousand different colors makes these a popular fashion accessory.

Comparison between Circle lenses store and Online retailers.

Circle lenses store or Circle lenses shop offers a wide range of circle lenses, but the best thing a person gets in the circle lenses shop is that he can try some samples in the Circle lenses store but that is not the case with the online retailers. On the other hand, online retailers often have the luxury of providing these lenses at prices much lower than the market retail price which in turn results in more sales. Moreover the availability of a massive collection means that they have ‘something for everybody’, any face type, complexion, body structure, etc. Also the online retailers offer attractive freebies like contact lens cases and contact lens solutions making the deal even more irresistible for the consumer. One very popular website which deals in these lenses is This website hosts one of the largest collections of eye lenses with colors ranging from sesame grey and almond brown to hazel and midnight green. This does not leave much to be desired for.

Basic knowledge about circle lenses

Here is a brief insight into some intricate details regarding circle lenses which may be beneficial for first time buyers and users.

  • Water content: This is the ratio of water in the lens to the mass of the lens itself. This determines the flexibility of the lens. High water content lenses tend to get distorted with use while the low water content lenses tend to retain their shape even after several usage cycles.
  • Diameter: For someone who has never tried circle lenses, the recommended diameter would be 14mm. This would give the right amount of cosmetic enhancement without making it look obvious. The bigger diameter lenses are better used for special occasions like co splays, costume parties, etc.

In conclusion these lenses are a big part of fashion in some cultures and can also provide a little cosmetic modification to the face but the user should be careful regarding sizing and hygiene to ensure long term eye safety and to preserve the life of the lens.

Geo contact lenses and more. is a web store that sell wide range of circle color lenses.

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