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How to prepare for class 12 effectively?

Author: Classx Geography
by Classx Geography
Posted: Apr 22, 2015
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People studying in the 12th class have many difficulties, few through academic pressure and other from family and friends. And generally students at this age are not in a position to decide which is good and which is bad for them. First and foremost is to concentrate and pay attention fully on academics and then do other things in free time. Here are some of the stages that should be followed to prepare mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Mathematics is a subject that needs continuous practice; at least few different problems should be done on a regular basis. One separate thing that must be kept in mind is that all the necessary formulas should be at fingertips. This would help as in some examination direct formulas are also asked to test the ability to recollect things. Further, tougher problems could be solved by deriving from the basic formulas. The best way to prepare for competitive exams is taking online practice tests for class 12 Mathematics. This would help in improving the speed and accuracy of problem-solving. Also, this would ensure that the candidate would know the difficulty level for that particular examination and plan accordingly.

Physics is a subject which is very interesting but takes a lot of time to solve one problem. And it may also happen that a lot of time is spent and still a wrong answer is the result. The better practice is same as discussed online practice tests for class 12 Physics. The undertaking test will show a way to reach the solution or at least the approach to it. Sometimes by enough practice, there is a possibility that candidates can guess the answer if it is a multiple choice question. But the idea that has to be kept in mind is practice and practice along with taking as many online tests as possible.

Chemistry is like remembering everything. The more you recollect, the more you score. So the better part is to read and remember as many equations, chemical reactions, stoichiometry problems and processes involved in organic reactions. Students don’t get to decide which one is useful and which one is not as everything looks equally important. Again rescue operation is online practice test, which would describe the methods to use the same concept in many different ways. Solving these papers would also tell how and what kind of problems are expected from a particular examination.

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