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Three Reasons to Use a Fundraising Site

Author: Plum Fund
by Plum Fund
Posted: Apr 22, 2015

If you’re looking to conduct a fundraiser, there are lots of routes you can take to get the job done. From bake sales to car washes, raising funds can be a fun, quick way for an organization to make money. Whether you’re conducting a sports team fundraiser, or something to raise money for a local school choir, turning to an online fundraising site can help you make more money than just about any other method. Here are some of the reasons you should consider seeking funds from online sources through a web site.

Spread the Word Quickly

One problem with raising funds the old fashioned way is that it’s hard to get the word out. Sure, you can hang up flyers around town and get everyone to talk about your fundraiser, but things spread online much more quickly. Whether you’re running a sports team fundraiser or something else, getting it to go "viral" will help you spread the word more quickly and more widely than you would have been able to do otherwise.

People Are More Apt to Donate From the Comfort of Their Own Homes

While you may have a good turnout at an event designed to raise funds for your organization, running a fundraiser online can yield even better results. People tend to be more willing to spend, and spend more, if they can do so conveniently. Going out of their way to attend a sports team fundraiser, for instance, can cause turnout, and the subsequent payout, to be smaller than it could otherwise be. If you give donators the option to contribute online, there’s a good chance you’ll make more money than you would via other means, which means you’ll be able to support your organization even better.

Using a Credible Site Can Lead to People Donating With Confidence

Some people are skeptical when it comes to donating money online; there’s no getting around that. However, most people are familiar enough with the concept of crowdsourcing that they’ll donate to a cause they believe in with no reservations. Using a credible site, such as Plumfund, can lead donators to feel confident that the money they contribute will be used responsibly. It’s likely that people will research a site before donating to it, so make sure to use one you already know is credible, or do your homework if you’re looking at a few options.

You Can Reach Realistic Goals

From movie projects to building outlandish structures, online crowdfunding has exploded within the last few years. No matter if a project is big or small, online fundraising has gotten common enough that reaching goals is not only possible, but is actually expected for many projects. For something like a sports team fundraiser, you can set a realistic goal and reach it easily. Anything you make over that goal is just icing on the cake!

Getting money via online crowdsourcing sites has become an accepted way of projects to become funded. If you’re in need of money for an organization that you represent, it’s a great way to raise that money. While there are plenty of options out there, it’s an easy, low-risk way to get the job done.

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