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3 Simple Ways to Attract the Best Internship Candidates to Your Business

Author: Amitava Sarkar
by Amitava Sarkar
Posted: Apr 22, 2015

Training tomorrow’s most innovative workers helps your business grow. Sometimes, you’re so happy with an intern, you want to hire her to work once she’s done with school or soon after the internship is over. Other times, having your company listed on a stellar candidate’s resume gets your business’ name out there on the lips of the most successful businesspeople in the industry. An internship program is a smart investment for any company, large or small – but you’ll have to compete with all the best companies in the nation and even the world for the workers who show the most promise.

Too many companies make the mistake of limiting themselves to the pool of local applicants and not offering enough perks to attract the brightest minds. Design an internship program that makes it easy and even appealing for people to pack up their lives for a month or two and come work for your company. When you expand the pool of candidates who can feasibly make the trip to do an internship for your company, you’re practically guaranteed to have a memorable, positive experience with your chosen candidates. You won’t have to dig deep into your budget, either, if you know how to invest your program’s money wisely.

Secure Corporate Housing

No one outside of the local area will be able to complete an internship for your company unless they have somewhere to stay. Many people won’t be able to even apply if they have to find a place to stay on their own – after all, a hotel for that length of time could prove to cost more than the money they earn during an internship, especially if it’s unpaid. Pay for corporate housing for them, as you can secure an affordable rate when you rent a place for a month or more. If you have a steady stream of new interns every month or every few months, rent corporate housing for the long term and save even more.

Let Them Bring Furry Friends

Being away from home for a month or more is difficult for many candidates for a number of reasons – housing is just the start. If your candidates are leaving pets behind, arranging boarding or petsitting for them is costly and an inconvenience – enough of an inconvenience that they may not bother applying for your program. Plus, if they’re going far from home, they won’t know anyone and may find the experience overwhelming without some comfort from home. Choose corporate housing place that allows pets for a deposit, so they can bring their furry friend with them.

Pay for Cleaning Services

Make your interns feel like kings and queens by making their entire stay hotel-quality. Arrange for daily, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning through the corporate housing provider so your interns can focus on the work they do for your company and seeing what the local area has to offer. This is especially beneficial for those who opt to bring their pets along, as fur and dander are sure to accumulate. Make interns feel like they have a home away from home – but that their temporary home is an even more relaxing environment in which they can thrive at your company.

If you create an internship program that can’t be beat, you demonstrate how your company is one of the best to work for. Interns won’t be the only ones interested in your business. Treat the interns kindly, and rumors will spread that job candidates from all over the world should seek to work at your company, too.

About the Author: Abbi Olsen is the owner of a small but robust business in California. She relies on Suite Accommodations to house her international interns and for her other corporate housing needs.

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