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10 Things You Need to Do in Order to Build the Trust, Honesty and Safety Back into Your Relationship

Author: Jasper Avila
by Jasper Avila
Posted: Oct 06, 2013

Things You Need to Do in Order to Build the Trust, Honesty and Safety Back into Your Relationship

1. Shocking News: How to Manage Your Emotions

Here you will learn that there are 9 Shockwaves that hit most people when they find out about an affair, and you will learn how to deal with them when you face them.

More importantly you will learn how important it is for you to turn inward and cope with your own emotions about the affair. You will also discover the most common emotions people struggle with and practical ways to overcome these struggles.

2. Handling the Inner Struggle: How to Heal From the Plague of Negative Thoughts

What most people don't know is that painful emotions are usually driven by painful thinking. This step guides you through a 3-part process for overcoming your negative thinking. By healing the negative thinking that underlies your emotions you further free yourself from their painful grip.

3. The Cheating Partner: How to Cope with Your Emotions and Restore Trust with Your Partner

A relationship takes two people. That means that the cheater needs to work through their issues as well in order to completely heal the relationship.

This section teaches the cheater not only how to overcome the painful emotions they are struggling with, but how to permanently end the affair, make the internal changes necessary to assure another affair will never happen again, and how to become totally transparent so that you can begin to trust them again.

4. Why Does an Affair Start: Understanding Why it Happened and What It's Going to Take to Heal

Most people wonder why an affair happens. They ask questions like, "Why did this happen to me?" or "How could my partner do this?" In this section you will get answers to those questions.

5. Preparing for Recovery: Steps for Moving Towards Healing

Once you have completely explored your inner world, learned how to cope with the negative thoughts and feelings you are struggling with, and discovered what you need out of your relationship, it is time to come together with your partner and move toward healing.

6. Communicating Your Feelings: A Step-by-Step Recipe for Talking

The real core of healing, and the platform for a healthy relationship is communication.

Here you will learn an 8 Step Program for Better than Ever Communication. This will allow you to open up to one another in ways that you may have never even considered possible.

7. Restoring the Trust: Learning How to Become Totally Transparent

One question I hear all the time from people who have suffered the trauma you are facing right now is "How do we get the trust back?"

This is a vitally important question, and you need to know that there are ways you can reestablish trust with your partner.

The best way to restore the trust in your relationship is a concept called "transparency." Transparency is your ability to be completely, consciously open and honest with your partner so they don't even have to think or worry about what you may or may not be doing.

This kind of honesty allows trust to flourish again. You will learn how to apply it in your marriage inside the program.

8. Rebuilding Your Life Together: How to Build a Strong, Stable Relationship

There are 6 Pillars to a Stable Relationship and here you will learn what they are and how you can build these pillars into your relationship so that you can have a stable foundation to rebuild your relationship on.

One of the most important pillars is conflict resolution. Relationships inevitably have conflict. Knowing how to effectively resolve these conflicts is one of the most powerful tools you can acquire to establishing a lifelong, wonderful relationship.

9. Accepting the Past and Moving on to a Brighter Future: Learning to Accept the Affair in Order to Move on with Your Life Together

One of the mistaken beliefs people who are trying to heal from an affair hold is that the injured person has to forgive the cheater in order to move on to a place of healing and hope.

This is not the case. And in this section you are going to learn a powerful alternative to forgiving.

10. Protecting Your Promise: The Relationship Contract

The final step in the program is developing a relationship contract. Here you take everything you have learned in the program about what you most want out of your relationship and you develop a contract with your partner that reflects these desires.

Doing this gives you a tangible document that you can hold onto as a way to solidify the renewed promise you have made to one another.

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