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A brief overview on plastic surgery

Author: Adrina Sen
by Adrina Sen
Posted: Apr 24, 2015

Plastic surgery is performed to correct defected or improper body parts. Normally, this surgery is performed when then patient wish to have a flawless face or other parts of the body. Cosmetic surgery is the best known kind of plastic surgery. There are many types of reconstructive surgery that are performed according to the requirements. In the term plastic surgery, plastic denotes sculpting or reshaping. The surgical definition of plastic first appeared in 1839.

Harold Gillies is considered as the father of modern plastic surgery. The cosmetic surgery can correct facial or body effects. Nowadays people tend towards the reconstructive surgery to look beautiful and have a flawless face. It has achieved immense popularity throughout the world. Cosmetic surgery concentrates on proffering the beautiful look so the person feels more comfortable and confident.

The plastic surgery in Korea follows some techniques and procedures:

  • Auto grafts: It is taken from the donor.
  • Allograft: It is taken from a benefactor of the identical genus.
  • Xenografts: It is taken from a contributor of a dissimilar genus.

The majority of reconstructive surgical procedures include tumor removal, scar repair laceration repair, and hand surgery, which can be treated at leading plastic surgery clinics.

Clinics review articles is one source for the most relevant clinical findings with insights on how to implement them into our daily practice. The benefits are:

  • Latest techniques is adopted to overcome the different challenges
  • Implementation of new and improved methods.
  • Improves the patient outcomes
  • It saves the time.

Fat grafting had not get reputation in the past. It has become one of the most commonly performed procedures in both aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, but now it gets popularity, it has been used not only for facial rejuvenation but also for breast surgery, body contouring surgery and other aspects.

There are mainly two types of surgery they are:-

Cosmetic Surgery: It is an optional procedure that performs on normal parts of the body. Cosmetic surgery has become more popular in china and India.

Reconstructive surgery: It is executed to correct the functional impairments caused by burns, traumatic injuries like such as bone fractures occurred on face.

Why the people to get cosmetic surgery: it is for so many reasons mainly they want to look kike younger, sometimes for others sake it should happen. Many people have best reasons for seeking cosmetic surgery and they always hunt for affordable plastic surgery clinics.

Plastic surgery is a broad field and subdivided into further. Subdivisions of plastic surgery may include:

  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Burn surgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Pediatric plastic surgery

Plastic surgery procedures and important considerations: Why it is necessary? This question will appear in everyone mind. It involves risk and expense and the plastic surgery rate in Korea should also be considered. It changes your physical appearance permanently, cosmetic surgery is what we want and it is a nice idea to change our look for the sake of others. If we feel bad or unhappy with our appearance then there is a solution by doctors such as lotions and creams. It can reduce or decrease the wrinkles.Cosmetic surgery is usedto enhance our own features such as lotions and creams. It can reduce or decrease the wrinkles.Cosmetic surgery is used to enhance our own features.

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