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Mushroom Growing Using Mushroom Kits: What You Need To Know

Author: Magic Mushrooms
by Magic Mushrooms
Posted: Apr 25, 2015

While it sounds like a very complicated science project, mushroom growing is a fairly easy task that you can do on your own even without a science background. Whether you are thinking of using mushroom kits to grow your own gourmet, medicinal, or magic mushrooms, the experience is very rewarding.

When growing mushrooms you need to remember these cardinal rules and not following them is big mortal sin in mushroom growing:

*Everything must be clean. Work sterile so molds will not contaminate the grow environment for your mushrooms.

*Wash and clean the tools you will use -- Twice.

*When the air is dirty or dusty, do not open anything that you are growing.

*If anything has been contaminated, play safe and throw it away.

What you will need

It can be pretty complicated when you read about doing your own compost, designing your own grow environment, among others. Today you can easily buy mushroom kits that will lead you to a good harvest in a matter of weeks.

A quick tickling of the keyboard and you will be able to find excellent mushroom kits that you can use at home when growing mushrooms:

*Basic Casing Kits. This is very easy to use of beginners. These kits often come with a substrate, grow box, dome lid, casing soil, shredded straw, casing starter, spray bottle and mixing bag. Using the materials in the package, you can easily create a healthy environment ideal for mushroom growing. Maintenance for these things is very easy as you only need to provide it with specific hour of light and monitor temperature and humidity and you will end up with a good harvest.

*Self-Auto Mushroom Kits. These mushroom kits acts as a growing chamber for your mushroom. It's a sort of an incubator for all the fungal goodness you want to harvest. It comes with all the controls it needs to keep an ideal mushroom growing environment for huge mushrooms that come with multiple flushes. It usually comes with a grow chamber with heater, air pump, humidifier, timer, thermometer, and substrate to get you started.

*Fruiting Chamber. Aside from the usual mushroom kits you can buy, you can also get extra fruiting chambers for a better harvest. This fruiting chamber often comes with its own check valve, air pump, and light expanded clay aggregate or LECA that is used to maintain humidity inside the chamber where you grown mushrooms.

*Multilevel Grow Chamber. This is your best option if you plan to go large scale. Experienced growers can make use of several tiers of chambers that can hold roughly hundreds of substrate jars. It comes with a tent, fans and filters. Growers have options to update the package with substrate jars, casing kits, among other mushroom growing necessities. If you will use this big chamber, you need an air-conditioned space. You need to make sure that the tent breathes and you carefully monitor and adjust the settings of your growing environment since a lot of factors will come into play.

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