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Excessive Masturbation Causes, Herbal Treatment

Author: Auscause Barrymore
by Auscause Barrymore
Posted: Oct 06, 2013

Masturbation is a form of sexual stimulation of genitals by self to the level of orgasm and leading to ejaculation. The stimulation of the genitals is carried out by the use of fingers, hands, household objects, and dedicated toys. Many times mutual masturbation is undertaken as a substitute to penetrative sex. Masturbation is prevalent in both the sexes, and people of all ages engage in this act. The cause may vary from person to person, but the main cause may be the absence of provision of penetrative sex. However, it is a habit developed in the early ages in the association of peers who pass on the knowledge of this act to other members of the group.

During adolescent a person gets addicted to this, and goes on practicing the act recklessly without really remembering when he had last masturbated. This turns out to be excessive masturbating. However, no casual relationship has so far been established between masturbation and any type of physical or mental disorder. Irrespective of causes, excessive masturbation is a sort of an addiction. One addicted to it cannot help going for it frequently.

To get rid of excessive masturbating one can use NF Cure capsules which are herbal preparations capable of curing various male reproductive problems. The habit leads to weakening of the nerves of the male genital organ. One addicted with it is unable to control himself due to the weakening of nerves, and lack of will power. NF Cure capsules strengthen the nerves of the penis, and also, enhance the inner physical as well as mental strength to withstand the internal urge to masturbate. This capsule is a unique mixture of Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Sudh Shilajit, Kesar, and Kavach Beej to name just a few herbs.

These herbs and plants strengthen the male reproductive organs, and energize them. The capsule taken regularly cures the root causes of premature ejaculation, semen leakage, and the habit of excessive masturbating. This habit leads to depletion of testosterone in male body, and the capsule is capable of producing and restoring that level. The enhanced production of testosterone increases the circulation of blood in the body including the male genitals. Some other herbs used to prepare the NF Cure capsule are Lauh Bhasm, Haritki, Jaiphal, Shatavari, Swarn Bhang, or the likes. All these combine to alleviate the ill effects of excessive masturbating. Hence, one can safely recommend NF Cure capsule to get rid of the habit of excessive masturbating, and its ill effects.

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Author: Auscause Barrymore

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