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Grow Your UK Business With Top Lead Generation And Business To Business Telemarketing Companies

Author: Shaun Jessy
by Shaun Jessy
Posted: Apr 28, 2015
One of the stumbling blocks many businesses come across when it comes to expansion is increasing the number of sales leads and opportunities to work from. There are various methods that can be used for lead generation services, but business to business telemarketing is one of the best practices for obtaining quality leads in the UK.

Lead generation is the first step of the sales process and a business cannot expect to grow without being proactive at this stage.

Telemarketing can prove to be an obstacle when conducted by the in-house sales team. Why? Telemarketing requires different sales techniques than face to face selling and adapting, especially without specific training, can be difficult for a sales team. In addition, when the sales team is selling, the telemarketing comes to a halt and no steady stream of leads can be achieved on an ongoing basis.

So how can these issues be overcome? Having a dedicated team of people conducting the lead generation exercise of business to business telemarketing services will ensure that skilled people are making the calls, therefore increasing the likelihood of obtaining leads from data, and will also ensure that lead generation is being implemented on an ongoing basis so there are always leads for the sales team to work on.

So why is business to business telemarketing a better form of lead generation in the UK than other methods of obtaining leads?

Business to business telemarketing provides the opportunity to ‘vet’ each lead to determine if it meets certain criteria. In addition, you can ensure any appointments are made with the decision maker for the company. Overall, the telemarketing is more likely to produce a ‘quality lead’ than other advertising.

Having a steady stream of quality leads allows time for you and your sales team to do what you do best – selling! A continuous flow of leads and sales over time will help a business increase the number of sales made, therefore helping the business grow.

In order for telemarketing to be successful, the telemarketers must have excellent communication skills without the need for face to face contact. Hiring a specialist team of telemarketers can be expensive for a company and many do not have the immediate space, money and resources to do this.

Ongoing telemarketing campaigns are necessary for a steady flow of leads, because even the best sales person with good quality leads will not achieve 100% sales. This makes it about quantity as well as quality.

So the other option opposed to hiring in-house is to outsource the telemarketing from a marketing or lead generation company.

Telemarketers working for these companies will have good knowledge of the sales process, be confident in what they are doing and have effective communication skills but in order to obtain the best possible results from the lead generation services, it is important that specific criteria are set and the outsourced team are fully aware of your requirements. This will help considerably in ensuring any leads generated and appointments that are set will be of good quality.
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