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Unique vehicle plates for unique personalities!

Author: Julie Harrison
by Julie Harrison
Posted: Oct 05, 2013

Have you ever stopped behind a car that has a unique number plate? Something that immediately catches the eye? Well, unlike many conventional plates out on the roads today, the driver of the vehicle you saw probably wanted to make a statement. Or perhaps it wasn't the driver, but the person (Dad, Mom, Wife, Life-mate) that gifted the car to them that wanted to make a statement?

The truth is that today, thanks to the interactive numberplate designer feature offered by Plate Creator, one can pretty much say a lot more about themselves, or their vehicle, compared to many conventional plate formats, including the "New-Style" plates.

The question often asked is: Why would anyone even want a custom built plate? Why wouldn't everyone stick with a Prefix registration, a Suffix registration or even a New Style registration format? And the answer is simple: Choice. When you want to really say something expressive about your personality, or about someone whom you will gift the plate to, then you don't want to be restricted. You want a blank canvas upon which to sketch your ideas.

Take the often used "New Style" registration format for instance. Even though it is "new style", you are still restricted in what you can say. For example, a New Style plate must have a 2-letter prefix, a 2 digit numerical identifier for the year, and 3 additional alphabetic characters. That's it! Your personality expression must be confined to those rules; otherwise you can't get a "New Style" number plate!

But what if wanted to express your feelings about your beloved car? What if you've truly shared precious moments with the vehicle, and you want to express that in the form of a customised plate? What if you wanted to tell everyone that the car has been too good a companion to you? Well, one could argue that you could use the New Style format to say something like "UR 02 GUD". But rather than say something cryptic like that, is there another alternate?

Well, with the interactive plate designing tool offered by Plate Creator, you can actually speak your mind out - in plain English! So, if you want to say "YOU ARE TOO GOOD", then you can actually say it exactly in those words. With a customized number plate, you won't need to hide behind abbreviations, short forms or code words. Your plate will spell your personality exactly as you want it spelt.

Best of all, the interactive designer tool allows you to add unique features to the plate you design online. You may experiment with color, font, size, badges, background, borders and bottom text for your number plate. Change combinations any way you like, and order it only when you're satisfied that your message expresses your personality exactly the way you wanted, and not before!

So if you are in the market for a customized plate for your vehicle, give the interactive plate designer a spin at Plate Creator. You'll give your car a unique personality of its own!

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