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Lithium Carbonate’s treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Author: Parad Chem
by Parad Chem
Posted: Apr 29, 2015

Lithium Carbonate is a lithium salt of carbonate but creates an inorganic compound. This white salt has a great number of industrial uses, as they are used for the processing of metal oxides. But their biggest use has to be in the medical industry. World Health Organization has enlisted Lithium Carbonate on the List of Essential Medicines as they are majorly used for treating Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar or Manic-Depression Disorder is a mental illness characterized by sudden mood swings ranging from extreme happiness to sudden depression.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a very serious mental disorder that can lead to change between elevated mood and periods of depression. The patient affected by this disorder can have moments of extreme happiness and mania, taking poorly thought out decisions without any regard to what the consequences can be and then can suddenly become depressed during which they may cry and have a general negative outlook of life. During depression, they could also have suicidal tendencies and are at risk of hurting themselves.

There has been no conclusive evidence on what causes this disorder or how it is caused. Bipolar disorders have been found to be genetic in some cases but they occur inconsistently. Psychology has also been found to be a factor in some cases. For example, a child growing in a stressful environment, or having poor control on emotions and moods have been found to be affected by Bipolar in later years of life.

Lithium Carbonate Treatment

Lithium carbonate is recommended by WHO for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder. Laboratory tests of Lithium carbonate has shown that they are able to provide a transport to the nerve and muscle cells. They are able to stabilize the moods of patients and balances the neurotransmitters of brain, so they respond to the condition appropriately. They are mainly used to treat the mania episode encountered by the patient. If their drugs are used in the right amount, they can limit the time of manic episodes and also decrease symptoms like extreme happiness, irritability, anxiousness or aggressive behavior. Lithium Carbonate Wholesaler provide the medicated amount of drugs for the treatment of the patient.

But precaution should be taken while using Lithium Carbonate. If taken more than the medicated amount, excess usage can cause sweating, diarrhea, renal failure and even complications for pregnant women. Lithium Carbonate Suppliers provide medical grade product for easy consumption by customers. For more details, please visit

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