Benefits Of Currency Exchange At Live Rates Rather Than Fixed

Author: Rekha Jagannath
by Rekha Jagannath
Posted: Apr 29, 2015

To spend money abroad, it is necessary to exchange your own currency for the currency of the destination country. Currency rates fluctuate from day to day, so in order to get Forex at the best currency rates it is important to keep abreast of the changes in currency rates. Live currency rate calculator available at, enables you to buy foreign currency at the most favorable rates, thus saving you a lot of money. Here are some top benefits of currency exchange at live rates rather than fixed rates, brought to you by Buy Forex Online India Pvt Limited.

Save a lot of money

If you go to any money exchange service, they would give you the currency exchange rate of that particular day. Money Changers would inform you about currency exchange rates of today instead of providing live rates. But the fact is that exchange rates change every second! By looking up live rates from you can block your order instantly at that particular rate and save a lot of money. Also, there are no extra conversion fees, surcharges, or convenience fees, as applicable in case of conventional credit/debit cards, giving you further savings.

Reload your prepaid forex card when the rate is favorable

When you log in to for the best foreign currency exchange in India, you find live currency rates which are updated from time to time. That way you can load the forex value on your prepaid card in advance when forex rates are favorable.

Stay updated even during travel

Modern websites such as offer live forex rates on mobile which is more convenient for the travelling traders. You can even reload your prepaid travel card on the go by simply visiting Buy Forex Online India Pvt Limited’s website and following a few simple steps to reload your card.

Saves you from being fooled

Travel money providers offer things like-'best rates on the high street' or 'guaranteed best rates'. These claims are often misleading and should not be taken at face value. With live rate feature on, one can easily look for the most current Forex rates and can save themselves from being conned.

Get accurate information

When you visit, you get accurate information about the current forex rates, which allows you to make quick and easy comparisons between different currencies. This could be to find out how the Australian Dollar is performing against other currencies or possible to find out if using another currency could have a better value.

The only way to know if you are getting the best exchange rate is to know what the current rate is! Before you leave for your trip, check out the live currency rates at That way you would be able to get foreign exchange services at the best price and save more money for fun and enjoyment.

To know more about the products and services of Buy Forex Online India Pvt Limited, or to use the live currency rates feature, visit-

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