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Conservatory Roofing – Plastics are a Good Alternative for Greenhouse Gardening

Author: Austin Duwe
by Austin Duwe
Posted: Oct 05, 2013

If you are an avid gardener or a person who has passion for gardening and is willing to take up greenhouse gardening soon, there are a few point that could help you set your own green house without costing you a fortune because green house gardening is an expensive hobby as it is. It requires you to build a greenhouse for the purpose. Usually, when you go for building a greenhouse in your place, you mostly think of building it of glass, because glass is commonly used for the purpose. But, mind it a greenhouse made of glass can actually skyrocket your expenses in a huge way. Though, that does not mean that you keep aside your dream of creating a green house. There is an alternative available that is cheaper to glass and that is plastic.

Plastics are not only cheaper but when it comes to functionality, plastic material does maintain the temperature and humidity that is required inside the green house and in no time you would see a beautiful garden full of lovely blooming flowers in different colors. Even during the snow season your flowers would spread their mesmerizing fragrance all around the house. As far as the quality of the plastic is concerned, it is very good quality plastic and different from the regular plastic in a way that this plastic is specifically manufactured for the purpose of greenhouse sheeting and is knitted. It is not rolled into sheets like the ordinary plastic is. These plastics also have good durability and can stay in good condition for a long time if regular care is taken.

Green house plastic sheeting is made up of variety of plastics but while going for greenhouse gardening the two types of plastics which should top your list are polyvinyl plastics and polycarbonate plastics. These two are the best greenhouse plastics. If you have a good budget you can either go for polyvinyl plastic or polycarbonate plastic. Polyvinyl plastic is cheaper compared to polycarbonate plastic but the strength and durability of it differs as compared to polycarbonate plastics. Polyvinyl plastics have a life span of over 5-6 years as compared to the cheaper alternatives like copolymer or polyethene plastics. But, the best of all is polycarbonate plastic as it has double walls out of polyethelene. It is highly durable and can last for over 10 years and it can maintain the required humidity and heat very well.

So, if you are planning to be a gardener with a greenhouse, plastic sheeting is one material you should go for it.For more information visit

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Author: Austin Duwe

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