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Ideas for Pairing Shiraz Wines with Food

Author: Valeriya Vimon
by Valeriya Vimon
Posted: Apr 29, 2015

Drinking good wine, with good food, in good company is one of life's greatest pleasures. In a world where bigger is better, Shiraz wines are the ideal choice. They are dark and contain high amounts of health-invigorating antioxidants. Dark fruit flavors from sweet blueberry to savory black olive are the main characteristics of this wine.

Shiraz wines pair very well with many types of foods. Made in so many different styles, it is one of the most versatile wines when looking for a food pairing.When Syrah comes from a warm climate, it makes a fresh, very fruit-forward, big red wine with flavors of blackberries and black currants followed by a silky texture of oaky vanilla tannins and dark chocolate with a hint of spice, licorice or truffle.

So what type of food pairs best with Shiraz wines?

Brisket - This classic Texas slow cooked BBQ is the perfect accompaniment to Shiraz. This is a lean meat that is quite tough when it is quickly grilled. When it is being cooked slowly with a mildly spicy rub, its flavors really shine and it is perfectly accented by a slightly spicy Shiraz.

Grilled Lamb or Grass Fed Beef - If you are looking for a wine to pair with a lean leg of a lamb, then look no more. Australia's favorite red wine, Shiraz, pairs perfectly with this type of food. Furthermore, if you are not a really big lamb fan, you can also pair this exquisite wine with grass fed beef. The flavor is similar to a very mild lamb, but has much less "gaminess".

Grilled London Broil - Although London broil is not the most tender meat, it is still a common one for grilling. It has low fat contents which makes it a perfect match with the lighter tannins in Shiraz.

Beef Stew - Beef is an excellent choice of meat to pair with Shiraz wines. When slowly cooked, it melts in your mouth and pairs perfectly with the rich taste of the wine.

Furthermore, Shiraz wines go well with peppered meats and sausage as well as pastas and red sauces.As you can see, beef is on of the best foods to pair with this type of wine. Pork and duck with strongly flavored sauces can also be good pairings, provided that the sauces are not sweet.

However, when it comes to cheese, Shiraz wines do not make a good pair. Nevertheless, if you really want to have this type of wine with cheese, you can go with softer, creamier cheeses like Camembert, Gruyere or a smoked Cheddar cheese. Also, avoid pairing Shiraz wines with big fat meats or food that has a lot of acid.

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