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3 Surefire Ways to Save Money This Summer

Author: Amitava Sarkar
by Amitava Sarkar
Posted: May 07, 2015

Your days of snow shoveling, dressing in heavy layers and navigating icy roads are at an end. Now that the snow has melted and consistently warm weather has once again returned, it’s officially safe to pronounce winter over. Faced with endless snowfall and frostbite-inducing temperatures a few short months ago, you were all but convinced that wintertime was here to stay. However, as is the case every year, spring eventually comes to the rescue, signifying that summer is right around the corner.

Although you’re thrilled to finally be finished with winter, there’s no denying that summertime presents its own set of challengers. Pricey vacations, family outings and home cooling costs can make a sizable dent in even the most robust bank account. As much as you enjoy summertime, you can’t stand the idea of your favorite season ravaging your finances. However, bargain-savvy summer lovers are in luck, as there are numerous steps you can take to cut your summertime expenses in half. Putting the following tips into practice will enable you to enjoy summer to the fullest without breaking the bank in the process.

Invest in a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

As evidenced by countless road studies, summertime is the busiest driving season of the year. In light of the favorable road conditions warm weather brings, there’s little wonder as to why. In addition to lengthy road trips, many families drive around their respective locales with far more regularity during the summer months. Not surprisingly, this gives way to a sizable increase in gas costs. However, by investing in a fuel-efficient vehicle, you stand to save a considerable sum of money in the long run. Although lumbering trucks, jeeps and sport utility vehicles are adept at handling wintery road conditions, they often contain large gas tanks and don’t get very many miles per gallon. Purchasing a smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle to drive throughout the fall, spring and summer months is in the financial best interest of every busy motorist.

Install Ceiling Fans in Your Home

It’s no secret that a good central air conditioner can be an invaluable ally in combating the sweltering summertime heat. Unfortunately, running a central AC unit around the clock is guaranteed to drive up your home cooling bills. With this in mind, install ceiling fans in your home’s bedrooms, kitchen and assorted common areas. When the sun goes down each day, turn off the air conditioner, open your windows and use your ceiling fans to circulate cool air throughout your home.

Research Discounted Travel Packages

Realizing that summer is the prime vacation season, many hotels, resorts and popular travel destinations raise their fees during this time. Rather than allow yourself to be cleaned out by exorbitant travel and lodging expenses, simply take your business online. Popular travel sites like Expedia, and Yahoo! Travel help budget-conscious vacationers book amenity-laden travel packages at heavily discounted prices.

With the abundance of beautiful weather and opportunities for fun summertime brings, it’s no wonder so many people look forward to this time of year. Unfortunately, getting the most out of summer often entails leaving a hole in one’s personal finances. Anyone looking to dramatically reduce their summertime expenses should look into purchasing a fuel-efficient vehicle, have their central air conditioner annually serviced and research affordable travel packages.

About the Author: Jacob Stattler is an independent web designer who resides with his family in upstate New York. In an effort to save money on summertime gas costs, he recently purchased a fuel-efficient family-sized sedan from Rockland Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Featuring an extensive new and pre-owned vehicle inventory, RCJD is the ideal destination for upstate New Yorkers in the market for quality cars.

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