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Blood Cancer – Reasons, Prevention and Treatment Process

Author: Rahul Kumar
by Rahul Kumar
Posted: May 07, 2015
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Blood cancer is a cancer where the cancer attacks occurs to blood cells, lymphocytes and even to bone marrows. Here the cancer cells grow rapidly and they keep on splitting into two in abnormal way and produce another cancer cell. Primarily there are three types of this cancer Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma. In leukemia cancer cell attacks the blood marrow and thus blood production gets affected. Wherein lymphoma is something where white blood cells or lymphocytes get affected and it destroys the immune system. In myeloma the plasma of blood gets affected by cancer cell.

Symptoms for three types

In leukemia patients loose over all good health and they become prone to fatigue, blood loss, anemia. Lymphoma includes swollen lymphatic nodes, fever and night sweating. During myeloma it's little complicated to find symptoms because in initial stage it does not show up such abnormality. But as it prolongs, it shows symptoms of fatigue, weight loss, short breathe, kidney problem, back pain, chest pain etc.

Treatments and over all good health achievement

To treat different type of blood cancers there are many therapies being given. Generally radio therapy, chemo therapy, herbal therapy etc help a lot. It depends on what stage you are and what type of blood cancer you have. Then also your gender and age would determine the factors to treat you. Also these days in many clinics people go for herbal cure. However you always should seek a second opinion and you cancer treatment team will guide you through. Some cancers causes internal bleeding as per immediate remedy blood transfusion should be prescribed. Also during radiation therapy and chemotherapy in many cases bone marrows get affected and that leads to anemia and less blood production. In those cases we recommend to have blood transfusion. Not only that bone marrow transplant can also lead to blood loss and again you might need blood transfusion. It's a very common way treatment.

Suggested therapies include gene therapy as well which is commonly in use and quite effective as well. Cancer prevention generally involves a good life style means good food and less exposure to cancer causing reasons such as smoking, alcohol and chemicals. Some factors like changes in genes cannot be controlled however if you have such medical history where you have seen your parents or any other family member has suffered we suggest you to go for a yearly visit to a doctor.

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