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Bacteriostatic Water

Author: Bsf Labs
by Bsf Labs
Posted: Oct 26, 2015

When you start getting into the world of injectable steroids, one of the products that you will become familiar with is bacteriostatic water. This is a sterile and non-pyrogenic water that contains 0.9% benzyl alcohol, which is added as a preservative. Benzyl alcohol is a colourless liquid that has a very low vapour pressure and a low toxicity.

This preparation of benzyl alcohol and sterile water allows for repeated withdrawals to be made from a single plastic vial. This water is very useful for any injectable drugs that need to be diluted or dissolved in water before they are injected.

Once a vial of this water has been opened, the preservatives in the water will prolong its life for up to 28 days. This is due to the antimicrobial agents that have been added to the vial of sterile water. Without this preservative agent, other sterile waters used for injection will need to be discarded after only a single use. The bacteriostatic water will stop the growth of contaminating bacteria, which is why the container can be entered multiple times by a sterile needle. The drugs or hormones can then be injected into the body by intramuscular, intravenous or subcutaneous injection.

What Does Bacteriostatic Mean?

Bacteriostatic has a different meaning than bactericidal, so it is important to understand the distinction. Bactericidal compounds are capable of killing bacteria outright, while bacteriostatic compounds are able to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Most antibacterial products are potentially both bacteriostatic and bactericidal – the distinction between the two is only very clear when it comes to strict laboratory conditions.

Storing this Compound

Usually this product will be supplied in a 30 ml plastic vial with a flip top, which is not pressurised. It is not a good idea to inject the bacteriostatic water without a diluted compound, because it might cause some red blood cell lysis due to the fact that it is not isotonic.

You should store the compound at 20-25 degrees Celsius in order to keep it in the ideal condition. Once it has been open, the preservatives will allow you to store the vial for up to 28 days. After this time, you must discard the vial.

What is the Difference Between Sterile Water and Bacteriostatic Water?

One of the main differences between these two is that sterile water is good for a one time injection, but once it has been penetrated it needs to be used entirely and then discarded. This is because it doesn’t contain anything that can prevent bacteria.

Bacteriostatic water, on the other hand, has benzyl alcohol which was added to prevent bacteria growth. It can be used multiple times over 28 days. If you use sterile water when you should be using bacteriostatic water – you could be risking an infection by injecting bacteria into your body. An infection of the injection site can be very serious and is a major threat to your health, so don’t risk this by using the wrong product when you are injecting!

Using Bacteriostatic Water

Make sure that you talk to your doctor before using bacteriostatic water, or any other injection products on small children and adults. It should not be used on new-borns or young children and not for inhalation.

So what is the best technique for using bacteriostatic water? For example, let’s imagine that you are injecting somatropic hormones. These will come to you in a powder and then you will inject the water into the powder. Make sure that you do not inject the water directly into the powder or shake the vial, as this can damage the fragile somatropin molecules. Slide the needle through the rubber cap of the vial, but turn it slightly sideways so that it will slide down the inside wall of the vial. If you inject it directly onto the powder with force, this can break up the molecules. Do not freeze the mixture or leave it out in the heat, it should be placed back in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

The bacteriostatic water will work as a transport method for the growth hormone. Keep in mind that if you have used double the amount of water when you are diluting the growth hormone, you will need to use double the amount of the mixture when you are injecting yourself in order to get the same dose.

When you inject the water into the powder, most if it will dissolve within a few seconds. If there are lumps remaining, you should not shake the vial to get them to dissolve. Instead, simply be patient and let the vial sit in the fridge for a while until it is completely dissolved. It should take approximately 15-30 minutes for the solution to dissolve completely.

Or, if you need to dissolve it more quickly you can roll the vial around in your hands gently in order to mix the powder with the water. It is important to realise that the HGH vials are packed under vacuum pressure, which will make it more difficult to pull out the liquid. You can relieve the vacuum by injecting a full syringe of air into the top of the vial. Take your time and do this carefully, rushing can result in incorrect methods.

The Value of Bacteriostatic Water

The main value of bacteriostatic water is that it allows you to keep vials of injectable hormones preserved for up to 28 days. This is very advantageous, because you will be able to buy larger quantities of hormones and water rather than using a single vial of sterile water and then throwing it away after use.

The other very important value of this water is that it will protect you from getting infections when you are injecting yourself with the hormones. Infections at the injection site can be very painful and they can cause serious complications, so it is very important to protect yourself. Without the preservative of the benzyl alcohol in the water, it would not be safe to use for multiple injections.

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