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Benefits of working as a doctor in France or the UK

Author: Fredrick Durrenmatt
by Fredrick Durrenmatt
Posted: May 07, 2015

When asked about their professional goals, more and more students in Bulgarian medical schools express their intentions of looking for jobs abroad, in countries like France or the United Kingdom. This is a major trend in Balkan regions and it seems that only a few students choose to stay and work in their home countries. With the huge number of online recruitment services, finding a job as a doctor or nurse overseas is easier than ever, but what determines young people to leave their homeland and start all over in a foreign country? The lack of jobs in local hospitals is definitely not a problem; in fact, the need for young and talented healthcare professionals is bigger than ever. What drives students to leave the country are several benefits that do not compare to the local working conditions.

First of all, wages are better in countries like France and the UK. A???????????? earns a monthly income that is twenty times the salary in countries like Bulgaria. Needless to say, even the students who are determined to make a difference in their national healthcare system feel that the financial remuneration they receive is not only unsuited for the importance of their jobs, but also unsuited for a decent lifestyle. When looking for a job abroad as a???????????, medical students are looking for a better life and more career opportunities. Being a part of the Western healthcare system gives them access to superior training, high-end medical resources, excellent working conditions, comprehensive training workshops and, generally, more professional satisfaction. For example, a resident doctor earns about 3000 euros/ month, while a specialist can get up to 6000 euros. In poorer countries like Bulgaria or Romania, the average salary does not exceed 1000 euros. A resident can earn as little as 500 euros per month, which is not enough to make a decent living.

Secondly, more and more students feel that the Western healthcare system is superior to the Balkan one, both in terms of the technologies available and in terms of the professionalism of the medical staff. Very few healthcare establishments in Bulgaria benefit from high end equipment that can successfully treat medical conditions. More often than not, doctors and nurses end up working with obsolete equipment, in unhygienic conditions, under the supervision of untrained or superficial mentors. In addition, there is also the controversial matter of medical ethics – a considerable number of hospitals are involved in bribing, nepotism and malpraxis scandals, so students would rather work in prestigious medical institutions in France and the UK. Sometimes, doctors decide to look for work abroad after spending years in the local medical systems and feeling completely discouraged by it. Others have heard about the unsatisfactory conditions that doctors work in and decide to leave their countries as soon as they graduate. No matter the reason why they choose to leave, there are many recruitment companies that streamline contact between employers and candidates.

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