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Personal Safety With Non-Lethal Items

Author: Tanya Dinwiddie
by Tanya Dinwiddie
Posted: May 08, 2015

People these days feel more insecure than ever before as if there is a constant threat to their lives and those of others who matter to them. Statistics surely justify such concerns and so it's no wonder that the sale of non-lethal weapons is increasing constantly. FBI reports 1300000+ violent crimes every year including rapes, robberies, and aggravated assault among others. So you too can give yourself a protective edge both at home and out on the streets with such mechanisms that help to ward off dangers in the nonlethal manner.

Need for self-defense equipments

Not everybody can get license for gun or firearm and you cannot just break law at whim by carrying it illegally…can you? What's more, firearms can lead to big issues if you are unable to handle them properly or you accidentally injure someone grievously. In order to prevent this from happening and remain on the safer side without undermining your personal or family safety, nonfatal equipments like pepper sprays are great choices. However, these are not the only available options for the individuals. When purchasing such products it is important that you do a thorough research both regarding the usability of the item and potential legal issues that may arise when you have them in your possession. With demands for self-defense weapons on the rise, a number of manufacturers offer expansive choices to people interested.

So what are some popular options available to you?

  • Pepper sprays: when it comes to nonfatal weapons, pepper sprays surely are the most mentioned products out in the market. Even the police force tends to use this to fend off attacks successfully. With latest technologies being incorporated in their manufacture their effectiveness has increased immensely with ease of use.
  • Stun batons: these have an average length of 18"and they're capable of delivering 800,000 V. Sometimes their sides also remain electrified to stop the attackers from grabbing hold of them and leave you defenseless. Hostlers in the form of belt loops allow you to carry these easily.
  • Mace sprays: in addition to tear CN gas and OC Pepper, Mace sprays additionally contain a marking ultraviolet dye. Pepper content when sprayed leads to uncontrollable coughing, burning eyes, and choking. Profuse steering naturally occurs due to the presence of tear gas and finally the ultraviolet marker dye allows law enforcers to apprehend the person through proper identification. As a result, you can get three in one benefit from a single product making these quite useful.
  • Personal alarms: these are great way to bring attention to yourself in potentially dangerous situations. The shrill alarm that the device will let off upon the removal of the pain is sure to catch the attention of passers-by or people in the neighborhood.

If you are finding it difficult to find self defense products that can make all the difference between remaining safe and becoming a crime victim, visit now!

About The Author

Tanya Dinwiddie is professional self-defense trainer and has so many years of experience in the field. She also likes to write blogs and articles to guide people about how one can protect themselves by self defense in such unwanted situations. She recommends as one of best self-defense products provider on the internet.

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Author: Tanya Dinwiddie

Tanya Dinwiddie

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