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Let’s Know Something About Bail Bond Types and Defendant’s First Appearance

Author: Info Woolf
by Info Woolf
Posted: May 09, 2015
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Why bail bond: When unfortunately a person you love and care, gets arrested and hold in the imprisonment, you have two choices. First, wait till the trial completed and the second is arranging his or her release on the bail. A trial usually takes much longer time and there are very few chances that the court will reach to the final decision in just the first hearing. So, posting a Harris county bail bond for the homecoming of your loved one is the right choice. There are two ways to post a bail, which are:

1. Cash bail: Here the defendant himself or his friend or family member posts the whole bailing amount in cash. The amount of cash bond is returned to the posting party on the completion of the trial if the defendant attends all the hearing and cooperate the judiciary. The amount of court fee, any court cost and any other applicable penalties are deducted from the returnable amount.

2. Surety bond: In this type of bail, a surety or a bail agent pays the bail amount if the defendant or his closed people are unable or unwilling to pay the amount of bail. In the return of the service, the bail agent receives a certain percentage of the bail amount as fee. Till the defendant appears to the court on schedule dates there is no monetary responsibility of the bail agent. But if the defendant misses the hearings and skips away, bail agent is responsible to bring him back to the court by launching a Harris county inmate search mission or pay the entire bail amount to the court if he fails to locate the defendant.

3. First appearance: The term literally means the defendant’s first presentation in front of the judge after arrest. The process takes place within the 24 hours time period of the arrest and booking of the accused to the jail authority. In this process, the judge studies the case and considers the release request made by the defendant or his family. The event may include the given happenings:

  • The situation is reviewed that if the defendant is eligible to be set free on bail.
  • f the release is not posing any danger to the society, bail is issued and the monetary value of the bail is finalized.
  • If the defendant requests to set a less amount for bail, the point is also considered and discussed at the place.
  • If the defendant is a person of high character, belongs to a reputed background, holds a clean and clear previous criminal record and does not seem to pose any kind of threat to the society and the community, he or she can be released on their own recognizance basis. Such defendant is trusted to appear to the court for the future trial and set free for no monetary bounding.

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