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Best Time to Give Corporate Gifts and Business Gifts for Maximum Impact

Author: Gad Subone
by Gad Subone
Posted: May 13, 2015

When we receive gifts or any freebies, it is innate for us to feel special. We are touched by the sweet gesture that someone cares for us. But the degree of our blissfulness and excitement really depends on what we got. For example, giving cheap promotional flash drives to your customers is already considered a good and generous act but if someone who’s passionate with music receives a guitar-custom thumb drives, then, that is definitely something. So, the fact that you are considering giving these promotional items, well, why don’t you just raise the standard on impressing your customers? It is sure way of making them remember your company or any product you’re endorsing. Make sure to take note of the target market you want and take it from there. But if you want a universal design appropriate for all age groups, it is always best to settle for professional looking drives.

2. Print or engrave your company logo.

The main purpose of these items is to promote your company. How? Of course, by putting your logo on it. This way, customers can determine your company from others. People tend to choose products they commonly see on TV advertisements, print ads, and billboards. The same concept also applies on building your company to a larger audience by giving out free cheap promotional flash drives. Everytime they use your thumb drive on their daily life, they will see your logo on it. And unconsciously, your company slowly becomes a part of their lives, too.

3. Opt for dual purpose USB designs.

There are a lot of options to choose from. From USB sticks that serve as can openers, thumb drives that can be key chains, or even the ones that can be ballers. It is a given that flash drives are now part of our daily lives, but having another purpose for your promotional items make it more valuable. Everyone loves multi-functional equipments or appliances. That is the main reason why people cannot let go of their smartphones. So applying the concept to your items seemed to be the most fitting.

4. Select packaging for your drives.

No, you do not need to allot extra budget for packaging. You just need to choose a promotional company who offers free packaging for your flash drives. Viola! You have special package for your promotional items. Ever wonder why is it so important? As what was previously emphasized, your items represent what you are as a company. So having promotional items that look surplus can totally ruin the design, as well as the image you want to project to your potential customers. It would make the items seemed cheap. Remember, this is making your company or brand known to customers, and of course, you would not want them to think lowly of your products or services.

5. Look for a good supplier with 100 percent guarantee.

Do not ever give any shabby promotional items to anyone. These items, no matter how small, represent your company and its reputation. You really would not want customers and possible investors to remember your company as the one which gives away substandard promotional products. It is like implying that your products or services are substandard, too. So after planning the design and specifics for your custom flash drive to be given away, it is time for you to look for the company which offers promotional products in Ottawa, or any other office locations offering 100 percent guarantee. A guarantee that all flash drives once delivered are all functional. It does not matter if you ordered it in bulk, they assure you that the quantity has not diminished the supposed quality of the items. Making those kind of guarantee means they are being accountable for their items. That it should have superior quality. They are protecting their image and also helping you maintain and strengthen your brand.

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Jasmine is one of the reliable person in promoting products. She basically studies the behavior and characteristics of different electronics parts or components such as promotional flash drives, Custom Usb Drives, Custom Flash Drives, and etc.

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