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A Vascular Doctor In Long Island Explains the Difference between Non-Invasive and Minimally Invasive

Author: Mathew Karlo
by Mathew Karlo
Posted: May 14, 2015

Large, twisted varicose veins are not normally life-threatening unless other more serious conditions arise because of them. When left without treatment, they can cause pain and look unattractive. Many people who have had varicose veins for years may like the idea of never having to say "My legs hurt!" again, but they are afraid that the treatment for their condition is too painful or risky. Vein stripping surgery that was performed in the past was very invasive. The surgeon made a number of small incisions and physically "stripped" the veins out of the body. Today, treatment for varicose veins looks much different.

Non- or minimally- invasive treatments from a Vascular Doctor In Long Island

The terms non-invasive and minimally-invasive are often used to describe the same procedures. When a procedure is labelled as "non-invasive," it means that it does not require surgery. This term does not take procedures into account that require injections or insertion of small instruments that are often labelled "minimallyinvasive". A number of the treatments performed by spider & varicose veins doctors in New Hyde Park rely on the use of tiny incisions and/or injections as part of the treatment.

Sclerotherapy is one procedure used by a vein specialist in Long Island to destroy veins that are closer to the skin’s surface. An injection with a "sclerosant" causes the vein to collapse so that the blood is re-routed to healthier veins. For larger veins, the sclerosant is made into foam that covers a larger vein area. Sclerotherapy might fall under the definition of non-invasive treatments, but it is normally considered a minimally-invasive treatment since the injections break through the surface of the skin.

Non- or minimally- invasive vein treatments can usually be performed in the doctor’s office and do not require a hospital stay. There is little recovery time and a reduced risk of complications in comparison to invasive vein-stripping surgery. Although vein treatments have become much less invasive today, it is still important for patients to find one of the best vein doctors in Fresh Meadows with the experience and training to provide these treatments.

Learn your options from aspider &varicose veins doctor in New Hyde Park

For a number of medical conditions, surgery is considered a last resort because of the risks associated with it. Today, people who suffer from symptoms of spider and varicose veins don’t have to choose between suffering with symptoms and undergoing a drastic surgical procedure. A minimally-invasive treatment that takes only a short period of time in the doctor’s office could prevent you from ever having to say "My legs hurt!" again. Dr. Julius Garvey of Garvey Vascular Specialists has the experience and compassion for his patients to provide them with minimally invasive vein treatments that work.

There is no reason not to get the treatment you need to alleviate pain from vein disease and improve the appearance of your legs. Dr. Garvey is a vein specialist who treats patients in New Hyde Park, Fresh Meadows, Long Island, and the surrounding areas. Schedule your appointment and learn your options for vein disease treatment in New Hyde Park. Give us a call at 516-336-8878 and start looking forward to getting the treatment you need.

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A Vascular Doctor In Long Island explains the difference between non-invasive and minimally invasive vein treatments. For more details get in touch with the Best Heart Doctor In Long Island

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Looking for Vascular Doctor in Long Island, New York. Our Vascular doctor’s team is specialized for treatment of vascular diseases and dedicated to the proper evaluation, diagnosis, management and treatment of disease. Contact us @ (516) 336-8878.

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