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VIP Electronic cigarette

Author: Grantse Juice
by Grantse Juice
Posted: May 17, 2015

As the name suggests, the VIP electronic cigarette is a fancy yet comfortable alterantive of the usual smoking experience. Starting with the differences among these two kinds of smoking experience, VIP electronic cigarette has no smoke. With no smoke, there is no odor. With no smoke, there are no remains of ash and cigarette butts. All hail the fancy cigarette.

In most ways, we can believe that this form of smoking is quite different than usual one, however in other most ways we can believe that it allows you to have a very similar experience, and let alone enjoy the regular functions of a cigarette. But to all that, there is one question; how does it work?

How does it work?

Starting off with the basic structural difference, VIP electronic cigarette has white body inside which is a rechargeable battery. There is a filter inside known as the "cartomizer" which has inside it nicotine and other liquids. There is also a disposable vaporizer attached to it. When you start inhaling the cigarette, the battery, which is of a red light starts blinking indicating that you are ready to smoke. It return backs to the standby mode when you stop inhaling. The vapor or the liquid that is inhaled offers the smoker a yet realistic alternative for tobacco smoke, with the same addiction and nicotine hitting your throat.

"Vaping Session"

In most ways the VIP Electronic-Cigarette looks similar to that of a regular cigarette and functions just like a normal cigarette. The tip of the cigarette glows when the smoker starts the smoking process.. The vapor inhaled provides a realistic alternative experience for tobacco smoke and even gives you a very similar throat hit of nicotine/. But how does it actually work? A good quality VIP cartomizer is cool enough to deliver about 300 inhales. Each inhale or puff lasts for about 2 seconds;this is known as the "vaping" experience. With every cartomizer you are able to enjoy a total of 40 vaping sessions.

Important Users Tips

  1. Start using VIP electronic cigarette only when you are already a regular smoker
  2. After every vaping session; stop smoking
  3. Take small and slow inhales- when you start hearing a whistle like sound, know that you are vaping too fast
  4. For better experience, after inhaling, hold the vapor for about 4 seconds before you exhale.
  5. Follow the guidelines mentioned when you purchase the VIP electronic cigarette box.
  6. The VIP electronic cigarette strength is based on personal preference, also it highly depends on how you smoke, how many you smoke per day. For new bees, the strongest level to start with is 24mg nicotine. The nicotine level must not be confused with nicotine strength. There is a huge difference between the absorption of nicotine by a cigarette and in a session of vaping.
  7. For regular smokers it might be difficult to choose a low level of nicotine, but it is a good start to get rid of the smok8ing habit and slowly take your addiction out of the box.

The VIP electronic cigarette strength is based on personal preference, also it highly depends on how you smoke, See here for more information about our services of electronic cigarette E liquid.

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