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What makes hard water in San Antonio hard?

Author: Aqua Masters
by Aqua Masters
Posted: Oct 03, 2013

Clothes that come out of wash stiff is likely caused by the effects of hard water. San Antonio is one of the many areas in the country that has hard water.

In its most simple terms, hard water is water that has a high mineral content. Hard water is determined by the number of grains per gallon (GPG). Water is classified as hard when it has a mineral content of 3.5 to 7 GPG. Calcium and magnesium are typical minerals that are present in hard water in San Antonio.

Water softener systems have the ability to remove minerals that make hard water in San Antonio. By softening hard water, the problems of stiff clothing are solved. Here are typical problems that are alleviated by using water softener systems.

Spots on Dishes and Other Surfaces

Spots found on dishes is an indication of hard water. It's not the soap. Minerals in water cling to glassware and plates, making them appear dirty and unsightly. Water softening systems, installed by a professional, can solve this problem. Spots on glassware disappear. In addition, less soap is needed.

Less Soap Needed

Studies show that as much as eight times more soap is needed when using hard water, and items don't get as clean. More soap is required when washing dishes, washing clothing and washing the car. Hard water minerals grab onto soap particles, clinging to everything.

Bathtub rings and scummy soap residue are the result of minerals in hard water. That requires more scrubbing and more cleaning to remove rings and residue. Water softener systems can reduce the amount of time cleaning residue from bathroom fixtures like tubs and sinks. Less time and soap will be needed to clean baking dishes, pots and pans.

Good water softening systems help households save money by using less soap and water. Using less soap is good for the environment, too.

Lower Gas and Electric Bills

Inside water heaters are heating elements that warm water. Over time, these heating elements get coated with minerals from hard water. This causes the water heater to work harder to heat water. That drives up the cost of energy bills. Water softener systems reduce the amount of minerals in water, meaning that the water heater will work more efficiently and keep energy bills down.

Longer Appliance Life

Minerals cling to everything. They cling to heating elements in the dishwasher and clog mechanisms. Minerals shorten the life of coffee makers. They stop up drains in washing machines. Water softening systems can extend the life of appliances by eliminating the minerals in water.

Hard water in San Antonio is a problem that can be solved by a water softener. Households can save money and ensure that everything gets clean. For more information about Water softener systems please visit at

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