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Indian natural sesame seeds are rich in essential elements

Author: Ram Jha
by Ram Jha
Posted: Oct 03, 2013

Today, eating healthy is essential for the people to avoid the diseases arising out of odd habit of eating. It happen mainly due to eating of fast food has unwanted fats and other weight gaining element. It taste great but leaves you fat and liable to disease in the future. People should have balanced diet as advised by many dietician in the world. Another reason of eating odd is tight schedule of the people which don't permit them to have good food. But it is taking a toll on their health and so good to leave the habit and start eating good and healthy food.

Eating poorly can develop many deficiency diseases in the body which may turn fatal if remain untreated. So, it is advisable for the people to start eating well before it is too late and spend money in treating the disease. Sesame seeds are a source of different nutrients which are necessary in the body of the human. Essential elements like cupper, magnesium, manganese, calcium, and essential fats are found in the seeds. It is found that eating this seeds in the food helps in getting the most of the essential elements required in the body. For this reason, people are eating Indian natural sesame seeds after buying it from the market. This was used in ancient medicine for its uses in treating diseases. It is made paste after crushing the seeds and used as a condiment in the food. Perhaps, it was the first known paste used in the food while cooking. In some part of India, it is used in making traditional biscuit which is a rich source of essential vitamin. India is the first country in cultivating this essential seeds for the consummation of human. Seeds are being packed according to the international health standard and exported to other countries due to continuous demand of this seed from other countries. Though, it is being cultivated in many countries but royal seeds are found only in India. So, Indian seeds are still the most favorite's one in the world.

Spices are the special elements which are coloring, flavoring and preserving food. It is widely used in the Indian food for making them colorful and delicious to taste for the people. It may be a root, bark, seed, fried, and vegetative substances. Some of the spices are fenugreek, cumin, chilli, turmeric powder, peeper, ginger, cinnamon, and coriander. India is the largest production of spices in the world with more than 1 lakh tonne annually. Since centuries India has been trading in the spices with other countries and still it is doing. Many spices exporter from India are exporting high quality spices to other countries with maintaining of world health standard in the packing and crushing it. It is packed in the purest form to maintain their purity and flavor after reaching in the destination. It is used in many medicine and preservation foods and thus helpful getting some health benefit. So, India spices are still popular in the world due to increasing number of people are eating Indian cuisine.

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