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Making the most of your Spa Visit: Spa Packages vs Individual Spa Treatments

Author: Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa
by Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa
Posted: May 20, 2015

Are you a regular at a Day Spa in Orlando Florida? When you go to your favorite spa, do you flip through the menu and pick a service based on how you feel that day? Or do you rely on the spa consultant to tell you what treatment will work best for you? Here’s a better idea – plan your spa visit!

  • Take a day off or clear your schedule for half day.
  • Make a prior appointment.
  • Go through the Spa Menu online.
  • Think of which part/parts of your body need pampering the most.
  • Speak to the Spa Consultant about your treatment needs.
  • Pick a Spa Package accordingly.

Here’s why spa packages are better than individual spa treatments:

Complementing Treatments

Spa Packages are carefully planned series of treatments, designed to complement each other. The spa treatments under each spa package you see on a spa menu are purposely put together after insightful research and client feedback.

Specific Solutions

Spa Packages are usually designed keeping in mind specific needs, like relaxation, rejuvenation, skin renewal, etc. Every treatment that’s part of a particular package will focus on that specific need, making it easy for spa clients to select a spa package based what their body needs.

Particular Tastes

The various types of body treatments, facial treatments, manicures and pedicures offered by the spa are sensibly clubbed into spa packages based on the particular tastes of clients. For instance, some clients prefer herbal products and some clients like aromatic products. This makes it even easier for clients to select the perfect spa package.

Optimal Results

An entire spa day or half a day devoted to decadent spa treatments yields better results – for the body, mind and soul – when comparated to making a number of separate visits for every treatment. Apart from avoiding the hassles of making these separate trips, spa packages also ensure that you are better rested, relaxed and rejuvenated because of the time spent in the soothing and uplifting ambience.

Great Deals

Availing of a spa package is usually more economical than getting all the treatments listed under that particular package separately. Spas are able to offer great deals and discounts on treatments clubbed under packages because they have worked out the economics of offering the clubbed treatments to a targeted number of clients.

So if you’re going to splurge on a Spa Treatments, make sure you get the most for your dollar and your time. For the optimal results, it’s advisable to plan well in advance and to avail of a Spa Package rather than individual Spa Treatments.

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Author: Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa

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