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Choosing the right dinghy sailing wetsuit

Author: Fredrick Durrenmatt
by Fredrick Durrenmatt
Posted: May 22, 2015

Dinghy racing is one of the most beloved forms of sailing and its popularity has been growing constantly over the years. As more and more people are learning how to sail and taking classes at local specialized schools and clubs, there is a continuous interest for this incredible activity and developing the skills that will enable them to become the masters of the sea. Knowing the construction and design of different types of dinghies is extremely important as it can alter the way you navigate on the water and enhance your skills radically. But there is another element of great importance that should never be neglected: finding the best sailing gear. In particular wetsuits and smocks are at core gear of dinghy sailing. Indeed, the accessories and special clothing you wear on the water are more vital to enhancing your abilities than you would have thought. Choosing the right dinghy sailing wetsuit is not tricky, once you learn some of the basics and find a reliable source. The best way to look for sailing smocks and other form of specialized apparel is to browse for them on the online environment, because it is the only place where shopping platforms have an incredibly large variety of products. Here are some of the most pertinent examples of qualities and features you should definitely look for when picking your next wetsuit.

For starters, you need to check that the quality of the fabrics and of the materials used is extremely high. The ergonomic fit as well as anatomical shapes keeps heat inside the body and maintains a thermal shield between you and the exterior. The materials must also be very flexible so that you can move freely as you wish. Soft jersey is also used to increase the comfort and efficiency, whereas lateral inserts and neoprene add to the functionality and PU anti abrasive fabrics should be found in the knee area. Never settle for something which isn’t prime quality or distributed by a top provider because you might end up spending a lot of money for nothing or even jeopardizing your health and ability to sail properly due to poor craftsmanship and bad execution.

Furthermore, you need to choose those accessories and clothing which are made with attention for details in mind. You can tell if this is the case by simply looking at some additional functionality features a particular item has. Search for internal pockets and spaces for small objects, key holders and any other detail which points out that the manufacturer really put its heart and soul into making this product as ready to use as possible. Although the most commonly used fabric is neoprene, you will probably also see special rip-stop materials placed in key areas like the front of legs or the seat, which is in your favor because it adds to the durability of the suit. They may seem expensive to you or not, but they will surely be worth their money once you hit the water in your dinghy with a new smock, thermal top or wetsuit.

To discover more interesting facts about sailing wetsuits and the best sailing smocks, do not hesitate to follow these links!

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