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How to Take Proper Care Of Upholstered Furniture

Author: Warehouse Fabricsinc
by Warehouse Fabricsinc
Posted: May 28, 2015
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Simply purchasing high quality upholstery fabric is not enough as you would like it to last as long as possible too. Selection of material is based mainly on comfort and beauty factors but you should also consider the degree of its expected use as well. If it is for occasional use, only then you can go for sophisticated choices without issues. However, for regular and high-level utilization find something durable that can withstand rough use. Look for tight weave of fabrics.

Furniture upholstery may use varied blends and the common fabric options for buyers include:

  • Use of nylon: if you are planning loads of usage, this fabric is an intelligent choice. Modern nylon is quite strong and has a high soil resistance property due to the presence of dye acid resistors. So it's easy to clean and has better wear than other types.
  • Cotton: known for soft feel, effective dyeing is possible with this fabric, and besides it is sunlight resistant as well. However, it doesn't offer much prevention to staining unless it undergoes related treatment.
  • Olefin fabric: made with solution-dyed yarns, when you are looking for resistance to sunlight fading these are your best choices. Enjoy a smooth feel, soil, chemical and stain resistance among other features. It offers fast drying so minimizes damage related to mildew and human perspiration. Other characters include heat sensitivity and recyclable properties.
  • Leather: available at fabric store it is elegant, beautiful, durable, and comfortable. Also cleaning and maintaining them is easy provided you know how to do it right.
  • Rayon and polyester: effective dyeing, a smooth feel, wear and sunlight resistance are the main advantages of rayon. While in appearance polyester resembles cotton, it is heat sensitive with sunlight and wear resistance.

Main ways to prevent upholstery damage

A. Protection from sunlight: make sure to keep them away from the reach of direct rays of the sun to prevent fading. Uneven discoloration occurs when a single section of the upholstery receives continued sunlight and it looks dull. Wherever possible, use window films, curtains, shades, or blinds for protection.

B. Protection from soil: regular removal of soil is extremely important if you don't want it to get embedded into the very texture of the furniture upholstery. Regular brushing and vacuuming is enough, as it will remove the loose dirt effectively.

C. Protection from spills: naturally, when you have chosen beautiful upholstery material for your furniture you want to protect it from accidental spills as well. Depending upon the material resistance the stains may be temporary or permanent. For starters, make sure to undertake immediate cleaning because the longer you take, the harder it will be to remove.

Also, you will need to protect your upholstery from extreme humidity and temperature conditions as both of these are detrimental to its life and appearance. With time, it will become brittle with frequent wear, which you do not want. Remember, proper care starts with the right fabric choice. So when you want to find the best material selection for upholstery including silk fabric, visit the website

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Elena Rustof is a fashion technology expert. She loves to write articles on the latest happenings in the fashion industry. Her favorite subject is the materials used in fashionable and decorative fabrics by the designers. She also writes reviews of online fabric stores and manufacturers and highly recommends as a one stop store to source a variety of fabrics online.

About the Author

Elena Rustof is a fashion technology expert. She loves to write articles on the latest happenings in the fashion industry.

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