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A Meteorite Engagement Ring Is An Original Take On An Old Tradition

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Jun 04, 2015
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If you’re not interested in cookie-cutter designs for your wedding or engagement rings, you’re in luck. Jewelers have never had more interesting materials to work with when fashioning wedding jewelry for their customers. As customers have gotten more adventurous, jewelers have kept up by offering truly one-of-a-kind rings that commemorate their customer’s nuptials in original style. Many brides and grooms choose to have rings fashioned from ancient materials like fossilized dinosaur bone. Adventurous grooms-to-be can slip a meteorite engagement ring on their beloved’s finger. Even the horns of animals like deer are commonly being used to fashion all or parts of engagement and wedding rings.

Engagement rings are a terrific opportunity for a couple to showcase their uniqueness. The groom can still slip a traditional diamond wedding ring on the bride’s finger at the ceremony, but choose an unusual design for the engagement ring. Engagement rings are often made using semi-precious stones, and there are more different kinds available now than ever before. You can choose to have a large semi-precious stone set in a traditional band, or you can have smaller stones set in the band itself for a truly memorable combination. Semi-precious stones like aquamarine are much more affordable than diamonds, rubies, or emeralds, so jewelers can use more different types of stones on one ring without charging astronomical prices for them.

The possibilities for men’s engagement rings and wedding bands might be expanding even faster than those for women. Men’s engagement and wedding rings have traditionally been much less elaborate than those designed for ladies. Most men simply wear a plain silver or gold band with no decoration or other design elements. Others wear wider bands that might be set with smaller versions of the diamonds on their bride’s wedding band. There’s no reason why men’s bands shouldn’t reflect more style. Wider, more decorative bands are now available made from a host of interesting materials. Petrified bones from the age of the dinosaur are favorite inlays for a men’s wedding band. Some men choose to match the meteorite engagement ring of their bride-to-be by purchasing a meteorite wedding band. The meteorite material is often mixed with other rugged materials in stripes on these simple bands.

His and hers engagement rings look great if they differ only slightly. A popular look is a flat titanium band inlaid with materials like deer antler. The woman’s band can feature a simple princess cut diamond to complete the look. Similar styles look great with meteorite and bone in alternating bands with a birthstone set into the bride-to-be’s version.

Black diamonds are a popular choice for today’s engagement rings. Black diamonds are not always pure black, and might appear as a dark gray color instead. They are true diamonds, but because of their crystalline structure, they absorb light instead of sparkling when light is reflected back out of their faceted sides as it would with a white or yellow diamond. A meteorite engagement ring band with a black diamond set on it is a great choice for couples that want to show their love for each other in an original way.

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