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Make Use of Removable Pipe Bollards to Restrict Pedestrian Traffic

Author: Stephen Harper
by Stephen Harper
Posted: Jun 05, 2015

Pipe bollards have been very utile to various industries from a long time and yet there are many people who are not aware of their uses. A bollard is a perpendicular post that is very rigid. This kind of post is often found in various places and is arranged in lines representative a path.

Bollards are widely utilized for the control of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in crowded public areas by the government. To make sure that vehicles stay in line and forbid them from overtaking each other, bollards made of concrete or steel are being used for this reason. They are even enduringly installed in specific areas so that if ever vehicles bump into them they will not be dis-located.

When it is the matter to control the walking traffic, removable pipe bollards are utilized. They are typically made of plastic or concrete. Their endeavor is to make certain areas easily seen by walkers for their use without being sunk into the motoring traffic. Intense reflector colors are also their frequent hues along with the suitable signs that give the public information.

Traffic enforcers favour utilizing plastic bollards when guarding walkers that come in varying number depending on the time of day. It is all the time easy for them to add more plastic posts in some areas at any time and to eliminate them if need be.

Concrete posts utilized as security bollards are one more idea served. Various kinds of compounds are normally enclosed by them along with a connection of wires. They are even treated as architectural enhancers as they help revamp the whole area being fenced. There are a swarm of attractive bollards used for this purpose. The superior thing is they are eagerly available in stores.

One more use of these posts is to give support and lasting hold for the pipes installed in the land by water or electric companies. They are known as pipe bollard sleeves. In context to this, many water hydrants in various streets are set up on top of this kind of sturdy bollards serving as pipe bollard sleeves.

If you get chance to pass by piers and wharves, you will notice these concrete pillars. They are serving as mooring posts for boats to which the later will be attached. This shall keep them in position while they are docked.

When you get on a boat or a ship, be eager to view and you will see bollards too. They are positioned in the front, rear and middle portion of the boat on both sides. The little ones which are made of steel usually task for docking.

Removable bollards - concrete, plastic or steel - have a very definite purpose. People should be conscious of these ground fixtures because they are made for our safety. Few may be built for architectural intention, but definitely there is still a higher purpose that they serve.

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