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Non-lethal Self Defense Weapons - Stay Protected

Author: Tanya Dinwiddie
by Tanya Dinwiddie
Posted: Jun 06, 2015

Not many of us can project ourselves as the victims of violent crimes but unfortunately, it does happen. The best way to ensure personal safety is purchase of self-defense products. This gives you a protective edge when something untoward happens and who knows may prevent the worst from happening. So, how effective are these products? Carrying a gun or firearm may not be legal and practical based upon where you work or stay. So, your only option is carrying something else that doesn't pose legal or other hassles both to carry and use.

Self-defense courses and martial arts classes are all about money and time and as such may not be feasible for everybody. With self-defense weapons, all you need to do is purchase them and use if required. During selection take time to do your homework regarding:

  • Suitability to specific needs
  • Legality of using and owning
  • Method of operation

So what are some popular choices before you in this regard?

  1. Cell phones: these ubiquitous items can very well be your weapons for self-defense as these days it comes with plenty of features and applications that can protect you if required. What's more, carrying them is legal everywhere, so these are the best multipurpose gizmos to keep with you at all times.
  2. Pepper spray: these are the most used products for self-defense especially by the women. Still, it may not be legal to carry it everywhere. Just direct the nozzle towards the eye of the offender and render them disoriented for those precious moments when you can make your escape. One can carry them discreetly inside the handbag.
  3. Flashlights: these are again a multipurpose product, which not only directs a blinding light towards the eyes of the assailant but also serve as the club if required. Don't forget to use a sturdy one when you want it to double as a weapon for protection.
  4. Mace spray: it contains a highly potent combination of tear gas and pepper so many times used by the law enforcers to restore order. Based upon the legality of your location you can also use it as a protection device to carry with you everywhere.
  5. Stun products: these can take on a variety of shapes and formats such as flashlights, cell phones, and even lipsticks with a distinct purpose to ward off unwanted attacks. Rechargeable with compact shapes you can carry these with you and they are quite popular with law enforcement people. Due to the presence of their discreet and ingenious designs, it gives you a chance to take your attacker by surprise.
  6. Personal alarms: these minis super loud alarms not only catch your attacker unaware but also let the whole neighborhood know that someone is in danger. Activation of the device will happen when you pull out the associated pin.

For these and other highly effective and ingenious non-lethal weapons for personal or professional use, do visit the website

About The Author

Tanya Dinwiddie is professional self-defense trainer and has so many years of experience in the field. She also likes to write blogs and articles to guide people about how one can protect themselves by self defense in such unwanted situations. She recommends as one of best self-defense products provider on the internet.

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Author: Tanya Dinwiddie

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