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Engage kids with free online reading books

Author: Juanita Olive
by Juanita Olive
Posted: Jun 09, 2015

We should thank the almighty that he created writers and authors who have penned books for ages. Where would we be without books to read? It’s a shuddering thought to be honest. There are books in all languages and for people of all age levels. As far as kids are concerned, they may not be able to read books, but that doesn’t mean they should not benefit from books. If you are a teacher for kids, you must have access to free online kids books from where you can tell stories to your class. There are plenty of resources for free online reading books and you can easily take your pick.

Kids love hearing stories, don’t they? Even if you are not a teacher, as a parent also you should use free online kids books for reading to your kids. There is no end to the number of books for kids that are available for free and even if you read one story every day, it would be years before you are able to exhaust all the books. It’s an impossible task. And in any case, kids have their favorite stories that they would ask you to repeatedly narrate every other day. In short, you will never run out of free online reading books for children.

What does a kid gain when you read stories to them? Neural research has proved that when children are verbally interacted with, they tend to learn a lot more. These biggest gains from story reading can range from better logical skills to reduced stress levels. But the most important benefit of story reading to kids is that their brains can be rewired so that they pick up the language faster. Research has shown a clear neurological difference between kids who have had stories read to them and those that haven't. Thankfully, the discrepancies are not permanent.

NICHD studies were conducted at Yale University in New Haven, CT and the University of Texas in Austin where electronic images of the brains of children were used to show the differences in the area of verbal processing. The kids who didn’t have stories read to them had their brain images barely showing any movement. The researchers then read stories to these kids for 1-2 hours for eight weeks and performed various literacy exercises with them. There was a marked difference in the brain activity at the end of the exercise.

With free online kids books, you don’t even need to buy books to read to kids. The free online reading books are available for various devices – PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets an e-book readers and you can take your pick. The greatest stories for children are available online and you can thrill any child with your story telling skills.

The next time you want to keep kids engages, opt for some of the free online reading books. You will also see that free online kids books improve your verbal communication skills, something you can employ in other areas of your life.

It is easy to pick free online kids books ( ). The free online reading books ( ) not only benefit kids but you too.

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