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Show off your vehicles!

Author: Julie Harrison
by Julie Harrison
Posted: Oct 03, 2013

A show plate specially designed for your vehicle is a great way to make your car stand out in a crowded lot at a fair or a show. But these unique plates are not necessarily restricted to use at car shows. Use your creativity, and the extremely user friendly tools available at Plate Creator to produce plates that you can use at Bike and Scooter shows, on Caravans, at Car and RV forum meetings, Exhibitions, Cruise Clubs and a whole range of other events.

When you are at a crowded event, and there are literally hundreds of vehicles on show, let your show plate offer visitors and viewers a unique glimpse into your car's personality. A car at a show with a plate that says "Unbeatable" or "Old Faithful" tells a lot about the vehicle's personality. But choosing unique plates wisely can also give your friends and colleagues a glimpse into your own personality. And they don't have to be boring or dull either!

Vehicle owners can now use the handy online Interactive Show Plate designer at Plate Creator to create unique and fun sounding plates to match an event, a mood or a memory. You can even use the tool to produce UK Road Legal plates with a slight twist, and not have to bother to switch the plates once you get to your event. You can do this by carefully using numbers for letters to build your name, slogan or message. For instance, instead of "a" you could use 4, and substituting 3 for the letter E, or 9 for the letter "g" or 5 for "S" in your show plate can open up a whole list of creative possibilities. Be careful though, that while you are having creative fun designing these plates, though your registration number might be road legal, the design of your plate might not be!

Contrary to what you may think, designing the plate of your dreams isn't all that difficult. The online tool includes all the features that one would want, to help walk you through the design steps. And best of all, almost all the selections you need to make have convenient drop-down boxes available, with dozens of choices that you can select. The biggest decision you'll need to make is "what should the plate say". Everything else is pretty-much a pick from a drop-down list.

Many providers of show and custom plates capture all your requirements, either via email, phone or in-person, and then build and ship the plates to you. So, if something doesn't look quite right when you get the plates, you're out of luck! You may even end up having to pay additional postage to ship the plates back, and even more to have the changes made.

However, with the Interactive Plate Designer offered by Plate Creator, once you've entered the Text, Font, Colour, Size, Background, Badges, Border and Bottom Text, you get a chance to preview what the

plate will look like once built. Check out your new show plate right on your screen, and update it as many times as you like. There's no extra charge! Now isn't that a great deal?

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Author: Julie Harrison

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