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Some of the best Runners supplements

Author: Runners Complete
by Runners Complete
Posted: Oct 03, 2013

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on research, development and advertising for various supplements. As a runner, supplemental nutrition is very important. It helps them to remain active for a longer period of time and help to prevent early burnouts of the athletes. Running places tremendous pressure on your skeletal system. If a runner maintains a cadence of 100 foot-beats per minute (which is what most coaches recommend), then a 60 minute run means approximately 6000 foot-strikes on the pavement. By enduring all that punishment, it's no wonder stress fractures are among the most common running injuries. Runners have unique needs and need to be aware of which supplements best suit their nutritional needs.

One of the Best Runners Supplements an athlete can take is calcium. Calcium can help strengthen a runner's bones and provide extra support while running, reducing the risk of stress fracture injuries. This is especially true of women, whose calcium levels tend to drop as they get older. Other important supplements include iron pills. Runners who either suffer from a natural iron deficiency or do not get enough iron in their diets will suffer from low energy levels. If a runner feels slow and sluggish, it is impossible to complete a run at the level they desire or see long term improvement. An iron supplement will help increase energy levels and make it easier to complete a structured running routine.

Another supplement for running that needs to be taken into account is whey protein. Whey protein is important because it includes both protein and amino acids in a calorically efficient manner. These are both extremely important for muscle recovery and this is why whey protein is also considered as one of the best runners supplements. It helps to improve your endurance performance so that you don’t get easily tired and always thrive for more and more during your workouts and on-field performance. Best time to consume it is within 20 minutes of your run; a whey protein supplement will give you a faster, stronger recovery. Whey protein powder is also easy to mix in with other foods, which can help fill nutritional gaps in your diet.

A runner, like any other athlete, can certainly survive without using supplements. To thrive though, a runner needs to supplement their diet and nutritional plans and help fill in the gaps. To get the best from your running supplements, be sure to combine them with an efficient nutritional and exercise plan. So put your shoes on and get set to run long and fast.

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