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Three ways that labeling has helped the frozen yogurt business

Author: Emily Rodgers
by Emily Rodgers
Posted: Oct 03, 2013
Sometimes, people assume because the label on a pint of fat free frozen yogurt says, “fat free”, that it also must be calorie-free. While this is not necessarily true, this has boosted the frozen yogurt business; consumers are now often buying sugar-free and fat free frozen yogurt over ice cream. Taste isn’t the only reason some fat-free and sugar-free frozen yogurt has won over some previous ice cream lovers. Some others eat fat-free frozen yogurt or sugar-free yogurt for reasons other than its lower sugar content. Some may strictly support the frozen yogurt business because they have certain food intolerances.

Why fat-free frozen yogurt is good for customers

In the frozen yogurt business, there are many possibilities for flavors. However, whether it’s fat-free frozen yogurt or sugar-free frozen yogurt, the treat is made with a blend of live and active cultures. These cultures help promote good digestive health. Because frozen yogurt contains milk and active yogurt cultures, it can be a good substitute for regular ice cream eaters. Some flavors in the frozen yogurt business are blends of ice cream and yogurt and are not 100 percent frozen yogurt. Consumers should check the labels to ensure they are getting products that are 100 percent from a frozen yogurt business and are fat-free or sugar-free frozen yogurt, for optimal health benefits.

Is it cheaper to indulge in the frozen yogurt business?

In some instances, buying frozen yogurt products from a distributor in the frozen yogurt business may be cheaper than getting premium ice cream. This may also help some consumers who are watching how much they spend per half-gallon or pint, while still allowing them to indulge in a frozen treat occasionally. However, cost alone is not enough to ensure some customers who are shopping for fat-free or sugar-free frozen yogurt to switch completely from ice cream to frozen yogurt. Those in the frozen yogurt business may have to complete an in-depth customer survey, statistical analysis or rely on product comparisons from customers to improve their frozen yogurt flavor offerings. It may require companies in the frozen yogurt business to use tools such as cost analysis and producing products that the lactose-free community can appreciate. This also allows these businesses to market the healthier option of a fat-free frozen yogurt or sugar-free frozen yogurt to consumers to buy in order to satisfy their sweet tooth.

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