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Really funny gifts on baby showers

Author: John Josesaf
by John Josesaf
Posted: Oct 03, 2013

New dad can be the happiest and yet the most nervous person on the earth. Newborn baby seems really cute in large hands and it looks really interesting but funny to buy tiny items like clothes and toys for the baby. It is great a chance for the friends of new dad to lighten up his mood by sending him really funny gifts. Funny gifts and funny picturesprove really helpful to decrease the nervousness and he will be able to see that it is not at all a terrifying experience. It is natural to give some gifts and presents on the arrival of new baby, you can make this moment a bit funny and hilarious as well by selecting really funny picture of animals. Everyone opts for same things for newborn like stuffy animals, booties, play mats etc. You can get little bit funny by picking something unexpected.

Interesting Baby Gift Ideas

Funny baby gifts will help a dad to reduce his tension so it is your responsibility to choose something unique to get a lively laugh from both parents. Following are some funny baby gift ideas for new dad but you are advised to bring some innovations in these ideas while picking up your own gift for newborn baby:

  • Ear Plugs

In the first week, crying baby can increase the tension of new dad so it will be quite funny to give set of ear plugs to parents to block out the sound. You can combine ear plugs with bag of coffee to make your gift funnier.

  • Diaper Changing Kit

It is a classic gift for new dad and looks really interesting too. This kit usually includes few diapers and wipes, rubber gloves, clothespin and protective eye gear. You can add some more accessories like apron, frock, really funny pics or funny toy.

  • Fake Tattoos

It is indeed a good idea to give fake tattoo with baby name printed on it. Small faux tattoos can be given to parents for baby with different interesting and funny words inside the heart.

  • Funny Clothes

You can give clothes with funny messages for father or can use really funny images to increase fun level. You can write messages for both father and mother from baby or for baby from both parents.

  • Decision Maker Gifts

In the middle of the night when the baby wakes up due to stinky diaper, both parents want to give this responsibility to each other. You can give a spinning wheel to make decision as it will help them to decide who will take care of baby now. Write names of both parents on the wheel and use really funny graphics to make your spin wheeler funny.

It is a special gift for those parents who have baby boy because this will help them to stop the inevitable spray of pee from going to parent’s face. It is small teepee shaped object that can be placed on the penis of baby while changing diaper to avoid any unfavorable situation.

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